Do It Yourself Home Automation Devices gives You Security and Control

In many industries, DIY versions of products are less robust than the original models. This is not the case for the user-installed home security system sold through These devices allow for security, convenience, and integration with a wide variety of smart home products. Used together, these electronics turn a typical home into a futuristic Tony Stark-style wonderland.


Here are some of the most popular additions:

Lights: This is one of the simplest yet most valuable smart home features that can become part of your security system. Because some lights can be controlled from the main app, a user can turn them on and off while away from home. This is handy when lights are left on and the house is empty. Electricity bills can be lowered from this money-saving function. Lights can also assist with security by placing them on a timer. Though users without smart home technology can also utilize timers, those with automation can vary their pattern so anyone watching the home cannot easily learn a schedule. This makes it obvious to a potential thief that the lights are a ruse.

Thermostat: Like the lighting system, incorporating this with a home security system can be a big money-saver. Many people neglect to adjust the temperature of their home when they are away. Both heat and A/C can be used more scarcely when no one is around. Yet with many other things to remember when leaving the house each morning, it’s easy to forget this tip. The switch can be modified remotely from the app and readjusted before the user comes home. This is also useful for cottage or summer home systems. While temperatures are likely kept at a minimum during the offseason, extreme cold can cause pipes to freeze and burst. Adjusting the heat through the app takes only the swipe of a button but can save thousands in damages.

Door Locks: Locks are one of the most important parts of a home security system since many burglars enter through the space. Yet it’s incredibly common for family members to lose or misplace their set. This is why many resort to passing out copies or hiding them outside of the home. Unfortunately, burglars know this old trick and many are not very creative in where they store their extra keys. Controlling locks through the app allows families to easily open the door – not to mention double check if they secured the door in the morning before leaving. This also makes having guests easy as users do not have to go to the trouble of making a copy of the key for a temporary visitor.

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