Smart & Responsible Content Marketing Ideas During COVID-19

Content is what defines most brands, especially in a digital world we’re in. For a time we’re all in; the Time of Covid-19, your content marketing as a brand really needs to hit it off with your target audience.
If have already been giving the thought to this, I think you can relate with the following observations:
• Covid-19 outbreak has made several marketers rethink their marketing strategy
• Whatever can be digitized, is being digitized
• There is no normal we can go back to

History has proven: Less cuts during downtimes can gain you more during better times
Think of Covid-19 just as another recession and remember, tough times do not mean, no audiences. Play smart right now and roll out good offers which your prospects can enjoy. Remember, you need to make them come back during good times too.
Your marketing strategy during this pandemic is going to define your future business scenario. A study during a recent recession found that “successful leaders, trading lower short-term profitability for long-term gain, refocused rather than cut spending.

Content Marketing Ideas to Help Shape Your Business for the Future
Content is a very powerful tool during tough times. As a brand, you need to showcase optimism, empathy and several other emotions while keeping your marketing strategies going. But, is that even possible? Find out ways now:

  1. Social Media Marketing: We’re all dealing with the same pandemic. Sharing stories and being open about your problems as a business really helps connect with audiences. Touch your prospects hearts and stay connected with them via several SMM channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so many more!
    Recommended Content Marketing Strategy:
    • Do not get pushy
    • Talk about how your business is combatting
    • Promotional offers always help
    • Maintain empathy
    Take this marketing opportunity to unite together. Build a community and enjoy your social media presence.
  • Go digital, in case you haven’t realized: One of the only positive impacts driven by Covid-19 can be is the drastic improvement in digital networking. Several ongoing studies are showing that online engagements are more often experienced than ever. People can’t really go out, you know.
    As a brand, you need to be on their feed. This can happen only when you digitize and get found online!
    Recommended During Covid19 Content & Digital Marketing Strategy:

With an online presence, you can reach out to any audience you wish to. Revenue generation can be assured with effective marketing strategies.

  1. PPC Marketing is getting Affordable, Explore it: PPC Marketing is one of the smartest moves your company blends inbound marketing with. Adwords are getting cheaper irrespective of keywords. Businesses like yours can capture traffic, build branding, engage with audiences and use other data effectively during this time. Rethink your marketing budgets and get in touch with digital marketing agencies before this golden time runs out!
    In fact, you can give a shot to native advertising as well. It’s similar to PPC marketing (paid form) however, these advertisements adapt to the UI and UX of the website its advertisement is being published in.
    Recommended Content Marketing Strategy:
    • Target a mixed range of easy to difficult keywords
    • Create exciting copies, empathetic & eye catching
    • Aesthetically pleasing posts for native advertising with regard to copy or any other aspect
  1. Define the tonality of your content: During and post Covid times can range from a tonality of Empathy to Optimism. It is important for your brand to tone the content or else it may send out the wrong message to your clients. If you wish to promote awareness based content, for instance, ensure you get your COVID-19 information from credible sources like WHO and CDC.
    Recommended Content Marketing Strategy:
    • Breathtaking copywriting
    • Reflect empathy in content style
  1. Video Marketing & Webinar Engagement: At this point in your business, video marketing is highly recommended. You can start by promoting optimism, hope, kindness followed by your products. Pay close attention when it comes to language and imagery your videos reflect.
    The same goes for webinars as well. Except, they need to be extremely productive and engaging. The way the content is presented and the simplicity of the content really matter for these channels. Make sure you consult with digital marketers before diving deep into it. Topics based on panel discussions, live chats, educational series and more can be picked for best outcomes.
    Recommended Content Marketing Strategy:
    • Keep the content light, informative and fun
    • Frequency of the posts will help visitors make dedicated time for your content
  1. Refine your brand’s content calendar: You may have planned your content strategy a month in advance. Please understand, we’re in a time of dynamism and we need to be flexible to survive. Revisit your content strategy and pay microscopic attention to it. Other than focussing on the language and tonality of the content, you can also change the frequency of posting and other aspects.
    Recommended Content Marketing Strategy:
    • Try out different times of the day for content engagement
    • Engage audiences via multi-channel marketing
    • Keep rethinking what can work best for your brand
    • Stay updated with the news; that changes the tonality as well
  1. Stay flexible, Stay delightful: This is the most important content strategy you need to cater to. Changes are going to happen, maybe more quickly than anticipated. You as a brand ended to have a dynamic action plan with delightful content.
    Recommended Content Marketing Strategy:
    • Adjust your Marketing Campaigns and Reassess Scheduled Content Timelines
    • Evaluate Imagery and Language for your Content Strategy
    • Stay positive, not ignorant
    • Let the world know How Your Brand Can Help

Final Words: The quarantine will not last forever. This period sure will come to an end and we’re all going to come out stronger. Try reflecting on what’s going on and what’s coming. Marketing is a tool we’re all using to help businesses keep running; use it well!

Author Bio: Priyanka Mehta is a popular blogger amongst digital marketers and has been in the industry for about 5 years. Currently working with Encircl, she’s truly passionate about writing about trending topics about different Technologies, Marketing, and more. She follows research-based blog writing and shares ROI- based tips in the most classic manner.

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