Things You Should Know About Men’s Traditional Jacket

The fashion statement that is the men’s sleeveless jacket has been transitional across history as it morphed through geography and ethnic identities. Popularly known as the Nehru jacket, history celebrates this garment as the first Indian prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru’s signature attire but he was only one of many. The jacket’s earliest rendition dates back as early as the 10th century when it was worn as a short shirt over a longer kurta. Later the style evolved along the collar and buttons and exploring various fabrics to design the infamous jacket which is perfect for any formal and informal wear!

The beauty of the jacket is such that it intensifies the look and makes any attire stand out instantly. Although the jacket is used as ornamentation, the mandarin collar adds prominence by enhancing it with buttons in the middle to finish the look with. It is astonishing how the utility of this jacket is multi-purpose and also serves as a perfect accessory to gift as well!

Although a traditional garment, the Nehru jacket has undergone tremendous changes across cultures and styles. From the conventional design patterns to contemporary patterns, Nehru jacket has been reigning men’s fashion wear for centuries now. From weddings to decking the Parliament, the utility of the jacket is widely embraced with pride and glam.

As mentioned before, this jacket has multiple renditions in terms of fabrics used. Khadi has always been primarily popular in making this jacket however an alternative fabric for the jacket is Silk. Now adding silk to any garment immediately enhances both the fabric quality and the aesthetic angle to it. There are multiple types of silk but probably the best one is Eri as it is non violent in its manufacturing. Hence, it is also known as the Ahimsa silk or Peace Silk. Its thermal properties are such; it provides warmth during winters and keeps cool during summer. Moreover the grandiosity of a Silk jacket would be unparallel due to the regality of the fabric and its sustainability for longer duration of time.

Another alternative fabric for the jacket is spun-Muga Silk which is the non violent way of upcycling Muga reeling waste. This ensures our contribution to pollution as reduced considerably by opting for sustainable and recycled fabrics over plastic based fabrics. Cotton, one of the most commonly used fabric, requires excessive quantities of water to wash, thereby contributing to million metric tonnes of water waste. Besides handloom based textiles such as Eri and Muga,etc. contribute to the silk rearers and to the social fabric of the economy as compared to fast fashion brands and their exploitation of labor and disregard for nature.

Textiles contribute to major air, water and soil pollution in the world. The chemical fumes from the factories, waste remains released into soil and water results in continuous abuse to the environment. Since the need for producing textiles isn’t possible to eliminate, adopting slow fashion as lifestyle choice would considerably curb our contribution to rampant pollution.

The evolution of men’s fashion is tremendous and constantly exploring styles, trends, patterns and colors and the same goes for the men’s jacket. It has been successful in securing its place in the fashion sector with great style and ease. The exploration has also transcended genders as it is adorned by women with equal glam and glare. Simply put, it’s a classic garment for all occasions deemed fit.

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