How Mobile Apps Can Help Boost Your Business?

Data is now the Most Valuable Commodity in the world, surpassing oil in 2018. This marks the beginning of The Digital Era where you can access any data, anytime, anywhere. Since then, usage of mobile devices is seemingly increasing. 

According to a research, an average person in The United States spends about 5 hours per day on their mobile phones. 92% of those are spent on apps, while the rest 8% is spent on web browsers. However, there are more than 1.9 billion websites compared to 3.4 million mobile apps. This proves that mobile apps are taking the world by storm. 

Advantages of Mobile Apps: The importance of mobile apps for businesses is quite evident today. Users are looking to get things done virtually which has changed the marketplace including how we book hotels, order products, transfer money and order eatables. This digital world has become app-dependent and businesses irrespective of their shapes and sizes are thinking seriously about deploying mobile apps. 

Mobile apps will help customers connect to your business on-the-go. You can gain more growth and multiply customer reach through it. The success of Airbnb and Uber proves the limitless business potential that a tiny icon on a mobile screen can create.

Now, let’s focus on how a mobile app can improve your business:

  • Scalable Push Notifications: A mobile app is the most effective way to notify your users about new products, the latest news and many more rather than a traditional website. Your users can access your brand anytime, anywhere without using the browser. This helps to generate more productivity.
  • Increased Visibility: A study by Statista says, “Mobile application download is expected to touch 352 billion in 2021”. This explains how a mobile app can improve your reach. A mobile app can increase your visibility to a more targeted audience as many users like to use a mobile app to save their time than using a website.
  • Personalized Services: Mobile app allows you to engage One-on-One with your customers. Your loyalty program can be digitized and you can offer your users to earn reward by purchasing or sharing your products. This will increase your traffic resulting in more users returning to your app. Promotional information, personalized wishes, offers and coupon codes can be a great marketing strategy. 
  • Ultimate Brand Building: The ultimate goal behind developing a mobile app is to deliver an awesome experience to your users. It can be powered with features, make it attractive, informative and technically sound. The more you engage with your users, the more are the chances of them purchasing from your app. This will boost your brand recognition and brand value. 
  • Enhanced Customer Support and Analytics: Today, people expect faster service and quicker communication. Writing emails and waiting in the queue to connect with a customer support executive are old-fashioned. A mobile app will minimize time and cost, providing 24/7 support through your app’s help desk; irrespective of their geographical presence. You can also keep track of contacts, emails, appointments, financials, etc. Sale support analytics will automate your sales lifecycle, enabling your sales team to close deals more quickly.

It is now understood how important and beneficial a mobile app can be for a business. Many successful business giants have mobile apps along with web applications which have made them industry leaders. To own a mobile app, you can either hire experts to build it on your own or you can outsource it to specialists who have a record in building market-leading mobile apps. 

Feel free to Contact Us for a bespoke and user-centric mobile app development and grab the opportunities in the market while serving your users.  


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