Tips To Protect Your Home When You’re Away On Vacation

Your home away from home should be considered safe and secure no matter if it is a cabin in the woods or a high-end waterfront chalet with all the amenities. If anything, it may be more important to protect your cottage, chalet or mobile home. Let’s face it, this is your piece of paradise that you can only enjoy for a short amount of time every year. This makes it more vulnerable and an open game for predators (burglars) looking to cash in on stealing some electronics or common items found in cottages like fishing gear, personal watercraft, ATV’s or even expensive entertainment systems.

However, let’s start with the basics and list some great tips, maintenance and precautionary measures that will help reduce the risk from theft in and around your cottage or property:

  • Always ensure that items of value are not easily seen. Before leaving the property take a quick look through a window or two and make sure there are no items of value that would entice a burglar to break in irrationally.
  • Don’t Make It Easy For Intruders. Never leave ladders or lawn furniture outside or easily accessible so they cannot be used to enter the building through a window.
  • Put Your Lights On A Timer. Give the appearance that someone is home even though you are away. Be sure to randomly have the smart lights inside turn on at different times of the day and night.
  • Light It Up. Help your neighbours see if there is any suspicious activity inside or outside your property by having it bright around your vacation home.
  • Use Sensor Activated Motion Lights. These are a great deterrent and scare off people as they will turn on when someone walks by.
  • Signage And More Signage. Let thieves think twice about entering your place, and to scare them off if they do enter. Clear signs of “Do Not Enter” or “Trespassing”
  • CCTV Cameras Or Motion Cameras. This will help document anyone or anything who comes on your property when you’re not there. Cameras will come in handy to help you get a shot of license plates and people’s faces so that it can be used as evidence if something does happen.

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