Add a smart bulb to your home to make smart home

How would you feel about the lights turning on simply by walking into the room? How about if someone presses the doorbell would you like the lights to turn on immediately? Smart automation rules can be created to do just that with this smart home automation device. Introducing the IQ Smart Light Bulb !! A bright, dimmable LED light bulb with a built-in Z-Wave radio. Easy to pair and long-lasting, it’s the best way to turn every light socket in your home into a “smart” light.

This energy-efficient smart bulb is only 9 watts and offers a long life of up to 20,000 hours. The brightness of the bulb is equivalent to other bulbs of 60 watts. With a built-in z-wave radio it communicates directly with the IQ keypad and is not reliant on the wifi whatsoever.

Because it runs on power it will act as a z-wave repeater for any battery-operated smart automation device such as a smart thermostat or door lock that is z-wave also.

This universal style fitting bulb will twist in any standard light bulb socket. This is an easy to program device to the keypad where the customer can do it with only turning the light on. The LED technology offers dimmable brightness and long life.

Make your home smarter with the IQ Light Bulb. Customize rules and schedules to maximize your smart home & home security.

Here are only a few of the rules and schedules that can be setup:
# Turn on the light when a door opens
# Turn off lights when you arm the IQ Panel in “Stay” or “Away” mode
# Create a custom lighting schedule while you’re away
# Turn on light when the IQ Motion is activated
# Turn on a porch light when someone rings the IQ Doorbell

To know more about IQ Smart Light Bulb, visit source blog.


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