Tips to Boost Your Business This Halloween

Over the years, Halloween has evolved into a day which is planned for about a month ahead to make sure October 31 turns out to be spooky, creative and full of treats. From the perspective of business owners, Halloween has been the time when sales numbers BOOm and there’s so much revenue generation.

Halloween is coming soon and it’s high time you start becoming visible online. With social distancing becoming important by the second, online shopping is booming in the US alone by 73%; don’t feel spooked, our Halloween marketing strategy can definitely help you boost online sales in NO time!

Marketing Ideas for October 2020:

  1. Holiday Deals for Chilling Bones: According to a study by National Retail Foundation, 40% active buyers accomplish shopping goals before Halloween arrives. NOW is your chance to roll out offers like ‘Early Bird Offers’ to kick start sales and celebrate Halloween with joy.

Get going with spooky promotions which push people to shop from your store, rollout limited deals, products and more. But, how? Let me give you examples:

  • Get creative with current products/ services 
  • Sweet surprises for customers 
  • Roll out social media Halloween contests
  • Host giveaways on social media and email channels

Don’t forget to bring out the urgency in offers with dynamic content & design optimization with copies like ‘A fa-BOO-lous offer is coming your way!’

2. Social Media Campaigns? Yes. PLEASE!: Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to help increase engagement amongst audiences, building relationships and business deals eventually. Reach a digital marketing company for the best social media campaigns ever!

But, how? Let me give you examples:

  • Eccentric content marketing with Halloween-themed activities 
  • Spooky images can be posted in relation with your product/service 
  • Pick a Halloween themed color and stand by it!

3. Creative marketing is a NEED: Copywriting and smart designs can be your trump card at this point. Halloween gives room for creativity and everyone loves the quirkiness and ghostliness in the creative content development.

You can also come up with your hashtags which can be trending ones like #trickortreat, #Halloweensales and others to boost visibility organically. Remind yourself to engage your audience to generate revenue. 

But, how? Let me give you examples:

  • Post Halloween special recipes, makeup tutorials and how-to videos
  • Post prank videos which can be cheeky and loved by all
  • Product promotions in relation with Halloween

4. Start brewing spooky email marketing campaigns with a hint of fun!: If you have an active database, this is a great way to engage them and remind them that you know they exist! In 2020, email open rates have spiked up to 83% followed by social media activity! 

Roll out custom email marketing campaigns, design lovely Halloween templates and create creative content to give the feeling of joy and excitement to your audience.

But, how? Let me give you examples:

  • Freebies for email subscribers 
  • Special offers for email subscribers
  • Exciting online event for your active users

5. Google ads can become spooky as well: Pay-Per Click Marketing and paid promotions on social media have boomed ever since the pandemic emerged. It may cost you slightly more than anticipated but it’s a lot more cheaper than billboard advertising or magazine ads. 

To reap great benefits, be ready with a PPC campaign managing team. Pro-tip, remember to analyse keywords, look out for smart campaign keyword options and bid smart. Your ad copy can also accelerate your campaign; skyrocket all the way with PPC marketing. 

But, how? Let me give you examples:

  • Use keywords that work during Halloween marketing campaigns like 
  • Orange pumpkin 
  • Halloween horror nights
  • DIY Halloween Costume Hacks and more

Are you all set for this October? Whether you’re a B2B business or a B2C brand, now’s the time for your business to flourish and be remembered.

To know more Halloween Marketing Ideas. Visit source blog.


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