Digital Marketing Trends and Effects from COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior: The change in consumer behaviour is modifying across the globe, hence advertising strategy as well. If you look at the past trends, you will get evidence that a shift in consumer behaviour has affected the advertisement spends on media. The pandemic led to a major shrink in cinema advertising almost instantly when the pandemic upscaled also, print advertising has almost closed shop right now.

Advertisement budgets upscaled for online platforms like social media say ‘We Forum.’ Furthermore, retail brands email open rates have upscaled by 25% Week-on-Week. Daily email open rates have momentarily increased by 5-10% on a weekly basis according to IMH study.

The pandemic is giving priority to Payper click advertising wherein, the online environment is highly favorable for awesome direct response campaigns implying, it encourages quick purchases by customers and builds an attractive base for brands. Also, if you look at Facebook and Google revenue back in the first quarter of 2020, it’s way higher than anticipated because brands knew the need for cautious spends (paid social media marketing and Google Adwords was smart enough to lower the bid prices for a win-win situation.)

Digital marketers right now, in fact when the pandemic began have been in great shape because businesspersons from across locations realized the need for online advertising. Tencent’s digital advertising revenues in the first quarter rose by 32% with a growth rate increase predicted as 8.4%.

The uncertainty about people’s spends and consumption behaviours as well as pattern makes it difficult to make global predictions. Products can be radically altered, marketing and advertising strategies can completely flip over and there is so much advertising data which may be flushed down due to uncertain consumer changes.

Your business has got to explore digital advertising trends this 2020

Need for an integrated approach: As a matter of fact, digital advertising cannot work alone. It needs digital marketing to increase brand awareness, build on engagement and generate some real good revenue! Marketers today need to understand that this merge makes advertising more personalized and relevant rather than a wholesome experience altogether!

Pro Tip: A carefully devised social advertising strategy wherein, an ad is placed in the middle of social feed can really boost revenue for your brand. But first, start social media marketing! Moreover, kickstart your website for reliable online presence.

Focus on revenue: The massive change in market caused an influx of online users who shop implying, brands need to increase their budgets for online advertising and marketing for seeing a rise in ROI in spite of the pandemic!

Pro Tip: Reach out to a marketing firm and get going with organic and paid strategizing for your business including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Marketing, Social Media Engagement Strategy, email marketing, conversational marketing as well as programmatic advertising.

Looking for a profession? Become a digital marketer: A study back in 2017 displayed a major outcome that there has been a need of about 56% when it comes to digital marketers. However, merely 24% of marketers could cater to market needs for advertising and marketing. Due to the pandemic upsurge, 2021 may possibly see a drastic rise in digital marketers because of the need for a savvy marketing strategy.

Pro Tip: Your time to flourish! If you’re new, try an internship?

To know more strategy to tackle Relative Change in Advertising Due to COVID-19, visit source blog.


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