Causes, Consequences and Solutions of Gender Discrimination in India

For any country to prosper and head in the right direction, i.e towards the future, it is pivotal to make technological advancements, have a good political system, promote sports, give importance to education and support art. However, with these efforts alone, a country can’t step into the future or call itself as a progressive country in the world.

What is sometimes required is to look back at the basics and take a few corrective measures to end age-old thinking and practices and usher into a new era. In this context, it is important to re-look at our approach towards gender and gender discrimination, inequality in the society, workplace, schools and every other institution that puts men a step ahead of women. It is important because the consequences of gender discrimination can be disastrous for future generations if corrective measures aren’t put in place today.

So, here’s a look at the causes and consequences of gender discrimination and what we can do to stop gender discrimination it in our society. 

Causes: Age-old beliefs, male-dominated society, importance to early marriage are some of the reasons why there is discrimination amongst men and women in our country. From schools to colleges, from the workplace to any place in the society, women are often discriminated due to lack of progressive thoughts and the instructions to follow tradition. This simply creates conflict, tension and a negative environment in the society, and ends up in a lack of confidence and support for women. It’s time to change the age-old beliefs and systems and usher into a new India where everyone is seen from the same pair of eyes and with the same dignity and respect, irrespective of gender, or physical ability.

Consequences: Discrimination against women doesn’t just hinder their growth but affects the growth of every village, town, and city as well. Not to mention, the entire country. Because we stop an entire section of the society that has the caliber and expertise to help us all grow. Not just that, we also create a culture for our future generations to follow where women’s empowerment and growth is almost invisible.

Solutions: Firstly, as a society its time for us to change our mindset and tweak our age-old beliefs – not that we need to get rid of them but just tweak them to suit current times. Secondly, it is important to offer opportunities to women without being biased or empathizing with them – give them what they rightly deserve. What’s also important is to support them and offer them the freedom to make the most of their opportunities as it will help them unlock their potential to the fullest.

Once we change our approach and give women the freedom to live, work and achieve their dreams, we will successfully give them an equal place in society. And that is ending discrimination against women.

Author Bio: Currently working for Plan India, Deepa is passionate about the social work, and improvement of society & girls’ conditions. She loves to share her findings and views through her blogs on social justice, advance children’s rights and equality for girls.

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