Travel Skin Care Tips to Keep Skin Looking Great During Vacation

Traveling is therapeutic for the soul. It is the most natural way of re-energising known to us. While most of us travel to destress, unwind and get away from the everyday humdrums in our lives, for a lot of people, traveling is more than just that. A lot of people these days are very passionate about traveling so much so that it is an active part of their lifestyles. Even though the holidays are meant to take your stress away, planning and executing it to just the way you want it, down to the very last detail, can turn out to be quite demanding. Because you want your vacation to be perfect. But with so many things on your mind, it is easy to forget about skincare. Afterall, you do want your skin to look great even on vacation.

It is important to create a habit of making a note of things you consider essentials, so that after a certain point of time it becomes a regular exercise in itself, able to function on muscle memory. So, you start by covering all the bases. What kind of skin do you have?

 What are the things you can never step out without? Once you start noting them somewhere, your decision making becomes a lot easier. Depending on factors such as the location to which you’re headed, the weather there at that point of time, your duration of stay, how your skin feels and so on, you can start assembling your travel kit.

Since a vacations are generally short in nature, it is far too less time for your body to realize the effects of stress you would have encountered when you were on vacation. This ends up taking a toll on your skin, and it is very difficult to keep a tab on your skincare regime at all times. But these short term exposures to stress do add up, and can lead to problems in the long run.

Although it would ultimately differ from individual to individual depending on so many factors, here are a few simple things to start off with. Things you should keep and carry with you during vacations that will make your skin (especially your face) look great.

Oil based face cleanser: This is an absolute essential. No matter where you go or for how long, it is important to come back to your home/hotel and cleanse your face using an oil based face cleanser. This helps get rid of the extra accumulation of oil on your face and unblock pores. This keeps your skin fresh and glowing.

Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack: For safety purposes, assuming you see the sun a lot when you go for a vacation, it is useful to carry an Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack with you. Anti-Pigmentation Face Packs help reduce dark patches and blemishes, and is also used to lighten uneven skin tone, sun tan and pigmentation.

 Natural rose water for face: Natural rose water for face is really good for your skin, because it acts as a refreshing facial toner and helps in healing the skin faster. It also helps strengthen skin cells. For best results, use rose water with a face pack, just to let your skin breathe and relax.

There is no end to the amount of things you can pack with you for your vacation, but we believe these three are the most basic things you might want to have inside your vegan travel kit.

Vedaearth has all of these products and many more, in case you wanted to explore moreoptions.

It is okay to make your skin your priority. Even on vacation.

Author Bio: Working from a Vedaearth, Deepka has become an avid blogger in a very short span. She aims to reach as many people as possible across the country to educate the women on the benefits of Vegan Products and Aromatherapy.

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