5 Different Ways to Drape a SILK Shawl!

Winter is here and a lot of us cannot wait to layer up with sweaters and socks and sit by fire with hot chocolate or tea, it shall be ideal either way! Almost everyone knows a person who would complain about winter being restrictive to fashion because LAYERS! But there are so many fantastic combos of shawls and sweaters and jeans and jackets and cardigans and stoles; that could simply uplift your CHIC factor up the roof instantly!

Today let’s talk about one particular piece of clothing that is magical yet real and congruent to a regal aura; draping it is a definite head turner. It is of course, but a SILK SHAWL.

Each yard of silk tells a story about weaving one of the finest fabrics in the world. The feel of silk on the skin is said to emanate a sense of ‘class apart’ from otherwise mundane existence. For thousands of years silk has been a marker of fine taste and royalty that is undeniably found even in the tombs of Pharaohs and queens mummified to last forever!

Such is the grand allure of the silk that is demands to be recognized and acknowledged. Probably the best part about a shawl is such that it doesn’t have sleeves and hence, goes with all kind of apparels! Jeans, trousers, skirts, sarees, women kurta, lehenga, mekhela sador and so many more! Basically it’s the potato of winter clothes as you can wear it with almost everything and a SILK shawl will only enhance your outfit by like a 1000%!

So I curated 5 different, yet effortlessly elegant ways to drape a SILK shawl:

  1. The classic wrap: This is the easiest and the most common method of wearing a SILK shawl. You simply wrap one side of the shawl around your other shoulder and it keeps the upper body warm and toasty while looking fabulous! Tunics, long skirts, jeans, sarees or mekhela-sador, it compliments them all!
  • Basic wrap: This method of wearing a shawl has to be one of the basic yet comforting style with no effort at all! You simply hang a shawl from both sides of the shoulders and let it hang. It is an absolute no-brainer style and it doesn’t conceal rest of the outfit at all! Now imagine the effect with a SILK shawl and you only have head turners to gain, I promise! 
  • Side shoulder: You know you are going to a rather auspicious occasion when you wear your shawl off one shoulder and nothing can be more elegant than wearing a SILK shawl in that manner. More often we have grown up watching our mothers and aunts wearing their precious SILK shawls over salwars, sarees and mekhela sadors. A great way to pair with Indian wear, this style is timeless and as classic.                                                 
  • Around the neck: This is probably one of the most go-to style for wearing shawls with western wear. Jeans, trousers or even skirts, you simply wrap it around the neck once and let it hang on both sides. It is minimalistic yet chic to go with denims and some boots or even maybe pair it with A-line skirt and combat boots, one would look runway-ready! It’s effortless yet adding a SILK shawl would not only keep your neck warm but also add on a WOW factor to any outfit you try it on with. I promise!
  • Style-it with a brooch!: Shawls are super fun to play around with as there is no limit of wrapping it! A very simple yet stylish way of wearing a SILK shawl that my mother taught me was to pair it off with a nice brooch pin. Just as you would wrap it on side of the shoulder, you simply tie it with a brooch pin instead. This way the silk doesn’t fall off the shoulder yet give you a royal look with minimal effort and accessories!

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