Business Travel’s Influence on Employee Retention, Recruitment and Results

In this competitive world, the biggest concern for business leaders is to recruit and retain productive employees. Based on recent research, apart from compensation and benefits, 87% of performing employees said that providing a wide array of growth opportunities is a critical priority for their organisation.

However, since recruitment and retention are two vital areas for running a successful and profitable business, progressively companies are making their workplace more attractive to work with exciting out of the box benefits and global business travel opportunities that aim to improve their employee experience much further.

Majority of all employees accepted their job entirely or in part because of the business travel opportunities it offered and over one-third would actively pursue a new career if it provided more business travel.

Find out how corporate travel management companies help business organizations to achieve global appeal and reach and how business travel influences employee retention, recruitment, and results.

Recruitment: For some millennials, travel opportunities play a major role in their job profile. Based on recent research by 31% accepted to take a lower-paying job if it meant more travel. This means that travel opportunities not only influence employees to feel better about their current company but also lure them to take the job in the first place. With business travel significantly evolving since its inception, thanks to the rise of new travel technologies, many companies are providing opportunities for employees to enjoy leisure time with their work trips. And this benefit works well with the employees than other workplace attractions.

Retention: Business companies are providing a different kind of satisfaction to employees in the form of onsite opportunities and business travel which is more or less not possible to attain in the four corners of the office. A study conducted in the year 2018 by Kronos, reveals that 79% and 71% of business travellers in NorthAmerica and Latin America, respectively said that business travel experience impacts their overall job satisfaction dramatically.

The perks might vary depending on industries. For creative employees, business travel can provide inspiration, and for professionals, face to face meetings help strengthen client relationships. As we are in a driven business world, global appeal and reach is a must. So, enabling employees to travel will help maintain a competitive workforce in the long-run.

Results: By providing quality travel experience, companies make sure both employees and business benefit from it. Based on a recent survey, as much as 83% of business travellers in Europe and the vast majority of Asia Pacific business travellers say that the business travel experience impacts their overall job satisfaction just like their other counterparts. As a result, many companies use the best business travel management software to support the core business goals that enable employees to be orderly and more productive.

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Author Bio: Currently working for FCM Travel Solutions India, Neha is passionate about the different styles of work culture, corporate meeting & business travel and how it affects the performance of a company. She loves to share her findings through her blogs, to help businesses to get best solutions & services to grow and succeed.


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