Questions to Ask when Considering a New Travel Management Company

Any company’s reputation depends on multiple factors. But, if seen from an internal point of 
view and the eyes of employees who work in the company, its reputation depends on how 
they are treated in office and during their overseas trips for a project, meeting or events. Here’s where corporate travel management comes into play. For companies that give importance to reputation and take international business travel seriously, here is a list of questions that 
need to be asked before finalising on the right travel management partner.

Is the company reliable?….A travel management company with a successful track record and experience is a better option than a new entrant. Successful travel management companies have happy customers who can vouch for them. This gives an assurance that your reputation and executives are in safe hands.

Is the company dedicated?…Dedication can work at many levels and for any travel management company to be dedicated, it needs to have special teams that take care of every request. For instance, some travel management companies have a dedicated account manager who takes care of the company’s travel needs and attends to every request made before and during the travel, thereby ensuring a positive experience.

Are the solutions technically advanced?…In today’s world, if a service provider isn’t using technology to their benefit, it becomes a huge drawback. Its the same with travel management. Companies that use the latest tools and technology are able to offer robust and reliable solutions which turns out to be profitable for them as well as their customers.

Is safety considered?…24/7 support is pivotal in the travel world as anything can happen and it can happen anytime. It’s important that travel companies have travel management system & tracking systems and round-the-clock assistance that don’t just  help in avoiding untoward incidents but also ensure help is at hand when required.

Is the partnership lucrative?…A good travel management company will look at maximising productivity and minimising cost. While some companies offer cost benefits by ensuring competitive travel packages, others focus on stress-free travel, to boost productivity. In both cases, it benefits either parties and that’s what one expects from a travel company that specialises in corporate travel.

Some questions are common for all companies, while some may be unique to the requirement. Therefore, it is important that any company that takes corporate travel seriously has all its questions answered before embarking on a journey with a travel management partner who can make a difference.

Author Bio: An experienced writer, Richa has been in the writing industry for over 14 years. With an MBA degree, she focuses on writing about different advancements in the business industry. Working from a Corporate Treveller, she has become an avid blogger in a very short span.

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