Diet Cooker Reduce Calorie Intake for a Healthy Life

The right balance of calories you consume and burn is what keeps you fit and healthy. If you consume way too many calories, and don’t burn enough, the extra energy is stored as fat. Lowering calorie intake can increase life expectancy. One of the ways to lower calorie consumption is to use a diet cooker, which is perfect for those who eat a lot of rice.

All you have to do is buy starch removing diet cooker online and cut down the calories effortlessly from your daily meal. If you want to buy online kitchen appliances such as diet cookers, they are available on either brand websites or ecommerce sites.

So, wondering what a diet cooker is all about and what it does?

A diet cooker removes all the extra starch from your rice when you soak it and cook. It comes with a strainer that takes out the starch. You just have to pour the rice into the strainer-like utensil and cook it in the pressure cooker. A diet cooker can educe at least 30 calories from every meal of rice you use. So, now, identify a brand and buy diet cooker online and wait for the delivery person to knock at your door! If you regularly buy online kitchen appliances like a diet cooker are extremely easy to spot and buy!

When you use the traditional method of cooking rice in a pot, it also helps you lower extra calories/starch from the cooked rice, but it is a very cumbersome and time-consuming process. Pressure cooking that takes advantage of the traditional concept of removing starch is a blessing in that sense. Pressure cooking is a great method of retaining nutrients and a diet cooker is all the more better!

How lowering calories helps your health

Now back to the question of why bother reducing calorie intake from your meal, and how it helps you health. Study after study has shown that a diet low in calories can boost your metabolism, and check diabetes, heart disease and depression. Eating a low-calorie diet also slows down your ageing. Also, calorie reduction makes you feel more agile, less prone to bouts of depression and boosts your fertility and libido.

Tips to reduce calorie intake

  • Cook a meal in a diet cooker, wherein all the excess starch is removed from rice, and supplement the rice with nutritious veggies, all mildly steamed without loss of nutrients. Just buy diet cooker online and make a vegetable filled flavourful and nutritious biryani. You can cut out use of ghee or oil, and cook a one-pot meal where even the rice has no starch in it. A good raita made of cucumber or a healthy salad by the side should lower your calorific intake.
  • In general, you can lower the number of calories in your meal by consuming more fibre-rich foods. You should avoid drinking juices and carbonated drinks as they amount to a lot of empty calories. The same applies to junk food.
  • Combine healthy eating habits with a good exercise session and keep away those calories and, in effect, all that extra weight.
  • Drink a lot of water, and snack on healthy stuff like sprouts, nuts and green salads.

If you are a rice lover and can’t keep it out of your meals, it is best that you buy diet cooker online and keep meals healthy. Investing in a healthy life is no rocket science really. Buy online kitchen appliances such as a diet cooker; it is one step in the right direction alongside a whole lot of other measures.

POLL: Do you use a diet cooker to cook rice or a regular pressure cooker, or vice-versa? State your reasons.

starch removing rice cooker


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