Corporate Concierge Services: How They Help Your Business

The lines between work and life are blurring and how! Managing a work-life balance in today’s world is a herculean task, especially if you are running a business. Corporate concierge services have caught on in a big way, and business centres in India have started offering these services, apart from a range of other facilities like a virtual address, co-working spaces, dedicated phone lines and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Managing events made easy

When you are managing a business, there are so many operational matters to look into, from hiring staff to coordinating workshops or events. If you opt for corporate concierge services, everything will be taken care of, from looking for the perfect venue, the transport and catering, among others. A concierge service handles the event in a professional manner and you will make a positive impression overall. The concierge service provider will handle aspects such as LED screen displays, powerpoint presentations etc. This will help you network, get hold of new clients or projects.

Starting a new business? Seek assistance

Corporate concierge services can be helpful when you want to start a new business or extending your operations. One of the business centres in India that offers these services will help you with registration of the business, forms, and other procedures of setting up the business. You can meanwhile focus on the core aspect of your business, which is about strategy and product/service development.

Translation, book-keeping, accounting

Concierge packages also help you with book-keeping, setting up your accountancy package, taxation and handling cash transaction records etc. Translation services, if you are making a foray into new markets, are also available at one of the business centres in India offering corporate concierge services.

Back-end, IT, HR

Any form of administrative support, back-end support in the form of documentation, research, IT, HR etc can all be handled by the concierge services.

Travel arrangements, visas

Yet another aspect wherein concierge services offered by business centres in Hyderabad, Pune or any cities in India come in handy is on the issue of making travel arrangements. If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur who has to globe-trot regularly, corporate concierge services can be a god-send. Ticketing, visa arrangements, airport transfers, packing etc can all be handled by the service centre so you can focus on the core aspect of your business.

Miscellaneous tasks

There are many other tasks such as shipping parcels/packages, photocopying, arranging binding of documents, that business centres in India have started to offer as part of their other packages like serviced offices, meeting venues, conference rooms, and audio/video conferencing, among others.

Of course, corporate concierge services can be hired for key staff members of your organisation as well. Such services help them manage certain tasks, including cleaning services for employee homes, workshops or yoga training. By making a business owner or employees’ lives just a bit easy, corporate concierge solutions actually boost bottom-lines of your business. You and your staff can focus on work just a bit more! Just watch productivity levels soar.

POLL: Would seek the help of corporate concierge services to handle sundry aspects of your business or would you rather do it all yourself.



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