Choose a Casino Hotel and Add More Fun to Your Goa Trip

We all know that a holiday in Goa is a whole lot of fun. There is the sand, sea, surf and good Goan cuisine and drink. Add a casino to the mix, and you will have even more fun! Choose one of the 5 star resorts in Goa for your stay and come back feeling all recharged. You could pick one of the casino hotels in Goa if you want to add a little more excitement to your holiday.

When you are looking at casinos you can head to, you will come across one of the casino hotels in Goa. Make that your pick because then you wouldn’t want to book a separate hotel to stay and then head to a casino. The casino is located inside one of the best 5 star resorts in Goa, so you can finish your fill of gambling and head back to your room.

What’s special about a casino hotel?

So, what’s special about this famed casino located in one of the 5 star hotels, you may ask! Choose this casino because it has among the biggest gaming options including baccarat, 3 cards poker, black jack etc. The casino attracts some of the most serious gambles around! The casino is open round the clock, so you can schedule your gaming any time you want to. Want a quick rush of blood and excitement? Try your hand at the American roulette. There are any number of slot machines to try your hand at as well while you are there. The ambience of the casino is good too, and you can step out when you feel like you need refreshments to one of the hotels within the resort.

The plus of one of the casino hotels in Goa is that you can enjoy a relaxing swim at the pool, head to the spa for a range of therapies and work out at the gym if all the slot machines and spinning wheels set your mind spinning!

Other top facilities

The best of casino hotels in Goa is located along the Varca beach, and the white sands and quiet atmosphere will refresh your mind. The casino is located within the premises of one of the most reputed 5 star resorts in Goa, so make the most of it. Your accommodation is bound to be top-class, and so are the fine dining options. There are six restaurants and bars in the hotel, and you are certain to be spoilt for choice!

After feeling refreshed, you can head back to the casino and try your luck at more gaming options! After all, what’s the point of a Goan holiday without some fun, gambling, sand and surf!

POLL: Have you ever been to a casino hotel in Goa, and what was your experience like?


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