Mixer Juicer Grinder — Selection & Buying Guide

A plate of steaming hot idlis and chutney for breakfast, a banana smoothie for a late evening break or some palak paneer for a side dish with your dinner…Guess what’s the one appliance that has helped you get all these different meals done. The mixer juicer grinder is the most important appliance in your kitchen for any meal or snack, not discounting your gas stove of course! So, planning to upgrade your kitchen? You should definitely look to buy kitchen appliances online, and opt for the best mixer grinder in India. Wondering how to go about choosing and buying one? Read on.

Motor and wattage: One of the most important aspects to look for when choosing a mixer grinder is the wattage and motor. If you want the best mixer grinder in India, you should pick one with a motor of 750 watts for efficient grinding, whether it is for batter, chutneys, juices or pulsing vegetables.

Number of jars: The next aspect to consider when you want to buy a mixer grinder is the number of jars it comes with. There are various models, some with three jars and others with four. If you buy one with three, you should look for small jar of 0.5 litres, a medium one of 0.8 litres and a large one of 1.5 litres. If you are buying a mixie with an extra jar, the fourth one is typically a juicer.

Grinding speeds: You would need to consider how many speeds the best mixer grinder in India you plan to buy comes with. There are mixer grinders that come with three regular speeds and the fourth, which is a pulse speed, that you can use to pulse some vegetables.

Material of appliance: If you buy kitchen appliances online, you would need to check the material of the gadget, whether it is the best mixer grinder in India or some other appliance. Make sure the mixer grinder jars are made of 304 food grade stainless steel so your food remains healthy, flavourful and rust-free. Also, ensure that the body is made of ABS, one of the thermoplastic polymers used commonly in household appliances, because of its durability.

Additional features: You might also want to check extra features such as an electronic speed sensor that will ensure that grinding is done at the same speed from the beginning to the end and a super silent option, which makes sure that the mixer grinder functions without noise.

Extras: Also, check for accessories that the mixer grinder comes with. Most often, when you buy kitchen appliances online, you also have the option of choosing one or more accessories to go with them. You could get an atta kneader or a vegetable chopper along with your mixer.

Before you buy kitchen appliances online, it helps to check the ratings and reviews so that you have a fair idea of how efficient and durable the product is. You should also check the warranty of the product, which could range from a year to two or more. Check the after-sales and customer care service of the brand you opt for, before buying.

POLL: Do you plan to upgrade your mixer grinder, and if so, what is the one most important aspect you are looking at while buying one?


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