Burn Calories Yet Enjoy Life

One of the major goals in life for most people is to burn calories. While the goal is common, the time or stage at which this goal is set may differ from person to person. For some, it could be in the early thirties. For some in the later forties. And for some in the fifties.

Adamant about reaching the goal, most of us either take up to the gym or cut down on eating. Other ways of reaching the goal range from going on a crash diet course, avoiding fat in our foods and not giving in to sinful cravings.

Sacrifices to achieve a healthy goal is good. But then, it shouldn’t be at the cost of everything. Here’s what you can do to burn calories and yet cherish the little things of life:

Indulge once in a while: That chocolate pastry lying on the plate is a hard to resist moment. Sometimes, it’s ok to give in and take a big bite of your favourite pastry without feeling guilty. Just make sure you compensate for your indulgence by working out a bit harder than usual.

Walk or run: If you’re not the work out kind of person, take to the outdoors. Make it a habit to walk every single day, no matter what. If walking gets too comfortable, start running. Sprinting in short spells burns calories. If you make this a habit, eating a little extra wont’t do much harm. Point is, make sure calorie-out is more than calorie-in. If you indulge a little more, run a lot more.

Do it yourself: If your routine is packed and there’s less time, don’t let that affect your taste buds. Take a little time out at home, during mornings or evenings for exercise. It could range from pushups, pull-ups, planks, crunches or burpees. Do it so you don’t have compromise much when it comes to your indulgence.

Go for a diet cooker: This is by far is the easiest way to lose calories. While the count of calories may be lesser, it surely does help. A good diet cooker removes starch from rice thereby reducing almost 30 calories per meal. Now multiply this the number of meals in a day and days in a year. Yes, you’ll end up losing a lot of extra calories per year and you’ll do so without much effort.

To get started and achieve your goal, follow these rules. And if you still don’t own a diet cooker, it’s time you own one. It’s time you buy online kitchen appliances. Take the first step today to buy a diet cooker, not to mention towards a healthy life.



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