How Virtual Address Benefits Your Startup

You are a Bangalore/Gurgaon startup but you are not keen on a conventional workspace. You are instead looking at a virtual business centre in Gurgaon or virtual office space Bangalore has on offer. You are most certainly on the right track, because having a virtual address can greatly benefit your startup.

Save on resources

Setting up an office would mean a lot of costs, financially, physically and otherwise. You may need to look at infrastructure such as office furniture and supplies, apart from hiring staff and training. You would need to spend time, money and energy to keep the office up and going, constantly invest in new equipment, training and people, and even basic aspects such as getting phone connections can be quite a drain on your time. Not all businesses or startups need this kind of a physical setup. If you are startup that doesn’t need a regular office space, then investing in one, even for rent, would be a waste of resources. That’s when a virtual office space Bangalore that serviced office providers offer comes into place.

When you opt for a virtual business centre in Gurgaon, it means you can be up and running at any given time. You save time, money and energy on setting up and operational costs and can instead direct those resources to the core aspect of your startup. A virtual office space Bangalore has on offer, would therefore actually save resources.

You can opt for the best address

A significant benefit of having a virtual office space in Bangalore or any other city has on offer is that you get the best address in town without having to invest in an office space. Every office needs an impressive corporate image; a business address in the CBD would add some polish to your company image. If you are in Bangalore, an office address in UB City or Manyata Tech Park would certainly boost your image. Similarly, if it were Gurgaon, a corporate address at DLFCyber City or The Horizon Centre would be great.

Choose call management and secretarial services

Virtual offices offer dedicated phone numbers apart from a professional call and mail management service. Reception services, and secretarial help can also be a boon for your startup. These services boost your business operations.

Reap benefits of add-on facilities

Another benefit of a virtual office setup, whether in Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai or Bangalore, is that you can also choose from various facilities and packages. If you want to opt for a co-working space from time to time, you can add that. If your employees need an office space for a brief while, you could opt for that package till your project is over. Serviced office space providers also offer lounges, meeting and conference rooms, apart from conference calling and presentation facilities. Even though you don’t have a physical office, and you are comfortable with a virtual address, you may need a meeting or a conference space from time to time, and opting for virtual office facilities provide just that.

Virtual offices are a huge boon for any small business, startup or individual artistes and freelancers, so make the most of this option to see your startup thrive!

POLL: Virtual office or conventional office space: which is your choice and why?


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