How to Save Cooking Gas?

It is one of the most handy kitchenware items to have at home, a stainless steel pressure cooker. If you are planning to get yourself one, you can check out a pressure cooker online and order one right away. The benefits of using a pressure cooker are many, but one of the most important ones is that it saves precious cooking gas.

  • If you are wondering how to save LPG, then getting home a stainless steel pressure cooker can turn out to be one of the easiest solutions. If you are boiling rice, dal or vegetables minus a pressure cooker, you will spend not just precious time boiling each one of the ingredients separately but also a lot of cooking gas. Imagine boiling dal, rice and veggies in utensils on your gas stove, for a simple meal of sambar and rice! Now imagine making the same in your pressure cooker, and you know the answer. Yes, you are indeed doing the right thing by opting for a pressure cooker online. It is said that a simple stainless steel pressure cooker can lower your LPG consumption by a whopping 70 per cent!
  • Cooking one-pot meals in a pressure cooker is a breeze; you can easily dish out flavourful biryanis and meat recipes, all in one pressure cooker, without wasting gas on boiling or slow cooking all the ingredients. Of course, there is the added advantage of not losing out on the taste or the nu Most stainless steel pressure cooker models today come with a couple of containers so you can stack up various ingredients for boiling and save gas.

Best ways to use the pressure cooker

When you get yourself a pressure cooker online, go through the instruction manual and find ways to use it well, so as to save precious LPG.

  • When you cook in an uncovered pot for 10 minutes, the evaporation of liquid is about 30 per cent, while in a pressure cooker, it is a mere five per cent, thereby saving energy. It helps to know how much water different ingredients need for cooking so that you use it accordingly. Using too much water for something that doesn’t require so much only consumes more energy.
  • If you want to reduce consumption of LPG, you should keep your stainless steel pressure cooker in good condition. This would mean cleaning all the parts regularly, and checking if the gasket is in good working condition. The lid has to be tightly shut, without any possibility of steam escaping from the cooker.
  • Soaking certain pulses and rice before cooking them would also save a lot of energy consump

Now that you know all about the goodness of using this magic appliance, do buy a pressure cooker online. You will see for yourself how you can churn out healthy, tasty and nutrient-filled meals day after day in no time. A boon, especially if you are a busy working person or you have a whole lot of other things on your plate, any given day!

POLL: What do you find to be the biggest benefit of using a pressure cooker?


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