How to Choose Earrings According to Your Hairstyle

Diamonds are a big investment and a girl’s best friend. So, no wonder you want to get yourself some uncut diamond jewellery India has on offer. Visiting or staying in Delhi? Head to a luxury diamond boutique and get yourself diamond earrings in Delhi, but before you do that, know how to choose earrings according to your hairstyle. If you want your earrings to catch attention and complement your overall look, you should pay attention to your hairstyle. So, read on for a guide before you head to one of the stores that stock the best of diamond earrings.

  • When you consider hairstyles, you should also consider the shape of the face and how long the neck is. In general, if you have a smallish face and short hairstyle, don’t wear big earrings.
  • You sport a chignon? It is a classic style and you can wear drop diamond earrings to balance the look.
  • Are you someone who has a ponytail or braids your long hair to a side? When you step out to shop for uncut diamond jewellery India stores have, pick up some hoops or something that is minimal.
  • For those sporting a high bun or a top knot, you can do well with long diamond earrings that have strands or drops. Head to a premium boutique that has diamond earrings in Delhi. You can choose from different themes inspired by civilisations, nature, mythology etc.
  • You love to leave your hair out? The ideal earrings would be small studs or minimal ones to offset the long hair. You can however pick drop earrings that are medium sized (not too long) if you leave your hair out but have a side-sweep.
  • For the centre-parting hair tied into slowish ponytail, the perfect earrings would be statement ear You could pick some polki or uncut diamond jewellery India is well-known for. Statement earrings are also available in many Indian themes and uncut diamonds interspersed with other stones can look fantastic. If you head to a reputed luxury jewellery store stocking diamond earrings in Delhi, you will be spoilt for choice. From jhumka-style large earrings embellished with shining uncut diamonds and enamel to those from collections inspired by legends of Krsna or royal kingdoms like Awadh, the choices are endless.
  • If you have a pixie/short hair cut, you will look elegant in studs embedded with diamonds and other stones. At the same time, pixie cut can also carry off drop earrings, so keep that in mind as you are heading out to shop for uncut diamond jewellery India stores have on offer.
  • In general, large earrings catch attention when you have your hair tied up, and the focus is less on the hair style itself. Studs and hoops could have varying sizes, but look good with most hairstyles.

No matter which hairstyle you sport, you should also check the shape of your face before you step out to shop for diamond earrings in Delhi. Ask the store assistants for advice when in doubt. Go ahead and sparkle!

POLL: Do you take your hairstyle into consideration when you choose earrings?


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