How to Care for Your Wet Grinder and Mixer Grinder

You have the best wet grinder in India or have bought the best mixer grinder online but you would also need to maintain any kitchen appliance, whether it is a mixer or a wet grinder, so they last long. So, read on for how to care for the two kitchen appliances.

  • Before you start using your wet grinder, clean the drum and stone assembly and then fix the drum.
  • When you fix the drum onto the grinder, ensure that you rotate it in a gentle manner till it is fixed in its position.
  • Don’t operate the grinder when it is empty, and don’t try unlocking it when it is still running.
  • Make sure to keep it dry all the time.
  • When you have to grind something, add it in small quantities with enough water before placing the hatch. If you want evenly ground batter, ensure that you add ingredients in small quantities.
  • Sometimes, if the roller assembly is not cleaned properly, the drum will begin to smell or the roller won’t rotate properly. So make sure you remove the roller and clean thoroughly before using.
  • When you buy the best wet grinder in India, you would also need to ensure that you maintain it in the best possible manner. Make sure the unit is placed on an even platform or it will vibrate. The unit may also stop suddenly if there is low belt tension or inadequate water.
  • Also, for best results, you should grind dal and rice separately; preferably rice first and then dal.
  • Get the best wet grinder in India, and also make sure you read all instructions carefully before us If there are any problems with the functioning of the appliance, makes sure to contact your authorised dealer. Also, check for warranty and after-sales service when you are buying.

Mixer grinder operation and maintenance

The other appliance that is most handy in your kitchen is the mixer grinder. You can buy the mixer grinder online. When you are looking at buying the best mixer grinder online, you should keep similar instructions (as the ones with the wet grinder) in mind as well. Some of them are as follow:

  • Don’t overload the mixer, and run it with small quantities in the jar. If there is an overload, the mixer grinder will stop functioning. Load the jar with half its capacity/volume.
  • When you fix the jar on to the appliance, make sure that the coupler is rotating freely, and lock the jar in a clockwise movement before running the mixer grinder.
  • Also, ensure that you don’t grind ingredients when they are hot.
  • Don’t place the mixer grinder on an uneven surface.
  • Don’t open the jar lids when the mixer is still being operated.
  • Wash the jars after use, but wipe them dry; don’t wash the unit instead wipe/dust with a thin cloth.

When you have to ascertain if your appliance is the best mixer grinder online, check out the ratings, reviews and testimonials. Also check if the after-sales service is good and whether there is a warranty.

Now that you know all there is to know about how to maintain and choose the best mixer grinder or wet grinder, go ahead and hit buy!

POLL: Which are your two favourite appliances/or those in your wish-list for the kitchen and why?


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