Enjoy Yourself with Maya Spa’s Luxury Service

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and yearning for a break? You must certainly head to one of the spas to come back rejuvenated and feeling like a million dollars. So, which one would you choose? You could opt for one of the 5 star spa hotels in Kumarakom(Kerala), Bangalore or luxury spa resorts in Goa for a great time. You can not only enjoy the wonderful food and accommodation at the hotel but also the spas at these places. The Maya Spa is Zuri’s award-winning line of luxury spas that offer a range of therapies and treatments that you will love.

You could combine a holiday to Kerala, stay in a luxury hotel such as Zuri and enjoy the spa facilities there. That way, you not only get to enjoy the sights of a wonderful destination such as Kumarakom but also come back feeling relaxed from your experience at one of the 5 star spa hotels in Kumarakom. The same goes with Goa. You can enjoy a great beach holiday at Varca, the sunrises and sunsets, the wonderful white sands and the sea. Head back to one of the spa resorts in Goa and enjoy the great food and accommodation. Then, it is time for the spa. If you are planning a trip to India’s silicon hub, and want to combine business and pleasure on the visit, you should opt for one of the luxury spa hotels in Bangalore. You not only get the best of business and luxury amenities, but also get to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Treatments and therapies on offer

You can enjoy a range of therapies and treatments such as a full-body rejuvenation massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, head massage, body wraps and scrubs, facials, and reflexology, among others. These treatments last anywhere between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. If you are in one of the 5 star spa hotels in Kumarakom, you certainly must explore the range of Ayurvedic massages (although they are available across all spas in the Maya line) in keeping with the heritage of the land. You could opt for a synchronised abhyangam, which is all about harmonising the flow of energy across the body and boosting the flexibility of your joints. It helps improve circulation.

spa resorts in Goa

Whether you have opted to stay in one of the luxury spa hotels in Bangalore or spa resorts in Goa, Maya has a line of signature packages that include hair and scalp special massages, spa essentials, hand and foot therapies, among others across all its spas. Then there is the Balinese massage, which calms nerves and heals your body, Swedish massage which is European style and eases all your tensions and a special Sabai stone massage. The last one is all about using a warmed granite stone that fits your body shape and uses a combination of essential oils to relieve stress, both mental and physical. You could also opt for a Thai yoga massage to boost your body’s flexibility.

Want to return from your holiday looking like star? Opt for a range of facials for all skin types, and you will return from the vacation all recharged!

So, plan your holiday now, and make your bookings in advance so you can have the time of your life.

POLL: Have you ever had a spa treatment, and if so, which is your favourite kind of massage/therapy or treatment?


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