What Is the Difference Between Fine Jewellery and Costume Jewellery?

If you are planning to get yourself some jewellery ahead of a special occasion or an informal event such as a get-together or a party, you obviously think of what jewellery to accessorise your outfit with. Accessories can make or mar your overall look, so choose well! Have you thought of gold diamond earrings or fancy stuff? Before you head to one of the diamond jewellery stores, you should decide on your look for a specific event or occasion. Also, you would need to decide on what qualifies for fine jewellery and what separates it from costume jewellery. Read on for more on the distinction between the two.

  • The basic difference is that fine jewellery such as your gold diamond earrings or statement necklaces is valuable, simply because of the price and worth of the diamonds and gold used, apart from other gemstones used. On the other hand, costume jewellery is made of lesser quality material or metal. Sometimes, costume jewellery also called fashion jewellery has a gold or silver plat Even though some gemstones are used as embellishments, the fact that this kind of jewellery has plating qualifies to be called costume jewellery.
  • In some cases, costume jewellery can have genuine gold or silver but have manufactured/artificial stones set in them. Even though there is genuine gold, because of the artificial stones, it is still considered costume jewellery.
  • The other difference lies in cost. Go to any of the diamond jewellery stores or even a silver/gold store and you will realise the huge difference in cost between costume and fine jewellery.
  • Fine jewellery is durable, and even become antique/vintage pieces over the decades. Costume jewellery, on the other hand, is something you don’t think too much about. Fine jewellery is for ever while costume jewellery is more of a fancy addition to your wardrobe.
  • You could use costume jewellery with your daily wear to work or to less formal events, a night out with some friends or family. Fine jewellery is special and you would take it out on special occasions like an engagement, an anniversary or a wedding. Interested in gold diamond earrings, bangles or necklaces that you could use for a special occasion? Visit one of the diamond jewellery stores for genuine fine jewellery that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Diamond jewellery comes with certifications from a world-renowned lab. You can acquire a top-quality necklace or a pair of earrings when you ensure that the diamonds are certified by a leading lab. On the other hand, there is no such guarantee for costume jewellery. If you have a piece of gold or diamond jewellery tarnished or broken, you could always get it fixed. The chances of getting costume or fancy jewellery, on the other hand, are few.

Go ahead, get both fancy and fine jewellery and use them as the occasion demands. Have fun accessorising your clothes with jewellery!


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