Things That You Shouldn’t Do in Goa

You are heading to Goa for a vacation, and are looking up accommodation options. You can choose between spa resorts in Goa and five star beach resorts in Goa for a relaxed and memorable holiday. While Goa is the idea of everyone’s paradise and perfect holiday for everyone in India, you should make sure that you are mindful of what not to do as well. Read on for more on what to avoid so as to have a great time!

  • Littering: Ok, so we get it that you are on a carefree, fun-filled holiday and have booked yourself in one of the five star beach resorts in Goa. But make sure you never litter the beach. Goa is famous for its pristine and white sand beaches, especially the southern parts, including Varca. Ensure that you maintain the beauty of the place!
  • Being reckless: Goa is where everyone heads to for a thrilling and adventurous holiday, so obviously you would want to try some adventure and water sport. But do that under the guidance of a certified instructor or you will end up risking an accident which could turn out to be fatal in some cases. Take proper precautions, and seek the right certified instructor. If you stay in one of the spa resorts in Goa or five star beach resorts in Goa seek the help of the hotel staff to guide you.
  • Overdosing on alcohol: Goa is all about the fine things in life, and liquor is bound to flow freely in the state! But be careful not to overdose on liquor or attend every pub and bar in town. Strike a balance; get high on the natural beauty of the destination and all the fun things you can do in one of the spa resorts in Goa instead! Staying in a spa resort or a five star beach destination means you can head to the spa and get a nice massage. You can enjoy a quiet drink at the bar and enjoy all the amenities, if you are not ruining it all by overdosing on liquor by the beach!
  • Hitting random shacks: Be careful what you eat while in Goa. There are beach shacks and cafes everywhere, and sea food is all the rage, but before you try some of the street food, check if it is from a recognised seller/vendor. You should enjoy regional cuisine no doubt, but also stay aware of what is a good place to eat. If you are staying at one of the five star beach resorts in Goa, then you don’t have to worry on that count. There are restaurants in the beach resorts that offer a range of cuisines you can try, from local to international.
  • Interacting with random strangers: Be careful when you interact with random strangers; don’t be too trusting of people who may end up mugging you or spiking your drink or food!

Having said all that, Goa is all about sun, and and surf! Go ahead, make your bookings in a nice beach resort and have fun!

POLL: What is your favourite thing to do in Goa, and what you think you should avoid?


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