How to Choose the Right Necklace Length for You

If you are planning your ensemble for a special occasion, you surely have your outfit ready, but have you thought about accessories? How about a dazzling uncut diamond necklace India brands have in many designs and patterns? Head to one of the gold jewellery shops in Mumbai where you get wonderful chains with diamond pendants or patterns.

When you choose an uncut diamond necklace India jewellery stores have, you should keep in mind the right size for the right outfit, your frame and personality.

  • Visit one of the gold jewellery shops in Mumbai and ask to be shown necklaces that have a length of less than 14 inches if you want a short necklace. These short necklaces are also called collar-type necklaces because they are positioned above your collar bone. You should wear a collar necklace if you opt for a dress that is strapless or has an open neckline. A collar necklace (12-14 inches) suits a petite, small-framed woman perfectly well.
  • If the uncut diamond necklace India brand you have chosen is about 16 inches, then it is called a choker necklace. These are popular and also ideal if you choose scoop, strapless or an open neckline. This is perfect if you think you neck is one of your best features. Pick up one from one of the gold jewellery shops in Mumbai.
  • A necklace that is 18 inches long is not exactly a short necklace, but is just above your breastbone. It is among the most common necklace lengths and is apt for a turtleneck or high neckline.
  • Then, there is the 20, 22 and 24-inch necklace that hangs just that doesn’t cross your bust. The 20-22 inch necklace is perfect for a dress with plunging necklines.
  • A 24-inch necklace aka matinee one is perfect for both casual and business wear. You can carry it off on a button-down shirt just as easily as you can wear it on a turtleneck.
  • A 28-33-inch necklace hangs below the bust but doesn’t cross the navel. Typically, necklaces that hang just below the bust are called opera necklaces and are perfect for any kind of frame or body type.
  • A 40-inch and over sized necklace hangs below your navel. The necklace that reaches your navel or crosses the navel is often called the lariat style necklace. Ask for one of these at one of the gold jewellery shops in Mumbai and use it for an evening out. A lariat is ideal for evening dress.
  • When you choose an uncut diamond necklace India style or brand or in fact any other necklace, you should ask yourself what your frame or body type is. Women who are petite and have a small frame look perfect in a choker or short-length necklace. Women who are tall can mostly pull off any length, but look their best in long necklaces. As a rule, if you have an average height, you will look good in a necklace of any length.

Right Necklace Length for You

POLL: Which is your favourite necklace type — short or long ones?


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