How To Accessorise Jewellery With Your Outfit

If you are eyeing those wonderfully patterned diamond necklaces and looking at which of the jewellers in South Delhi to visit, it’s time you did your research before buying. You would need to know all about your personal style statement and what kind of jewellery to buy. Your jewellery is a reflection of your personality so you would need to accessorise with care.

Ask yourself how you are going to accessorise your jewellery with your outfit before you go diamond shopping. Here are some tips to help you buy the right jewellery to match your outfits:

  • Every piece of jewellery must enhance your overall look. So, don’t wear one of your statement diamond necklaces and also large diamond earrings because neither of them will grab attention. Wear one statement piece that holds attention. If you have several small diamond pieces of jewellery, you could probably stack them up — a set of delicate diamond bracelets or rings — for instance.
  • If you are wearing one of the statement diamond necklaces, avoid a dress or a saree that has too much happening at the neckline. If you wear a dress that is heavily embroidered and has a lot of bling near the neck, your statement necklace can get drowned in the noise.
  • A black dress can be perfect for a statement diamond necklace. Colours should not be too bold and your dress shouldn’t be heavily patterned if the jewellery has to be the focus. Keep this in mind before you choose a piece from one of the jewellers in South Delhi or whichever city/neighbourhood you live in.
  • On the other hand, if your dress itself has a lot of bling, patterns or work on it, you should wear muted and simple diamond jewellery. You could pick up a simple diamond bangle or a pair of diamond studs from one of the jewellers in South Delhi.
  • The neckline of your dress too matters when you are wearing a statement necklace. The best necklines are strapless or off-the-shoulder ones. Even a scoop-necked dress or V-neck works well with a necklace. If you are wearing halter-necked dress or blouse, you should give up on a large necklace and instead wear bracelets and bangles.
  • If you have an evening event or party to attend, you should make sure to keep your accessories stylish and classy. If you are wearing a formal gown or a cocktail dress, you could wear a string of diamonds or small drop diamond earrings. A simple bracelet studded with diamonds will add to the charm.

For the saree lovers

A saree lover? Then, the right jewellery will enhance the look or your saree. Plain sarees without patterns are ideal for diamond jewellery to stand out. Sarees with silver coloured zari or thread-work will be perfect with white diamond jewellery. If you are wearing sarees with gold zari or golden tones, opt for gold jewellery with Kundan or yellow/gold hued diamond studded pieces. You can also pair uncut diamond/polki and Kundan jewellery with your sarees.

Head to one of the jewellers in South Delhi for more suggestions and pick the piece that suits the dress you have in and for a special occasion.

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