Best Office Campuses in India

Office design, ambience and amenities can make or mar your business. If you happen to be working out of one of the serviced offices in Bangalore or business centres in Pune, you know what we mean! Well-designed office spaces can boost productivity and foster a sense of well-being and camaraderie among workers. So, it is imperative that you choose the best office campuses in India for your business.

Pune is the place to be!

If you happen to be looking at a city like Pune for your office space, there are enough serviced workspaces and business centres you could choose from. Choose one of the business centres in Pune that has a prestigious address, and is most coveted among leading firms. A business centre like Business Bay, which is located just about seven minutes away from the airport and is surrounded by tech firms, malls and five-star hotels, would be perfect. Or the World Trade Centre, which is in Kharadi, Pune would do fine too. The facilities at such business centres in Pune include meeting rooms, video conferencing rooms, a business concierge, and virtual office package, among others.

serviced offices in pune

Bangalore calling

Looking at Bangalore to set up or expand your business? Some of the best office campuses in India are located in Bangalore, which is also the start-up hub of the country. Bangalore is home to a huge young IT population; what’s more the city has the buzz of innovation and entrepreneurship around it. Some of the serviced offices in Bangalore are located at addresses that are prestigious and occupy pride of place. They include Manyata Tech Park, Prestige Khoday Tower and UB City — all great locations surrounded by the best malls, business ambience, restaurants and networking spaces. Some of these offices boast of well-designed and plush cafes, breakout areas, and workstations designed with great taste and in keeping with ergonomics.

Prestige Khoday Tower

The best offices boost creativity and drive passion

When you work in one of the best office campuses in India such as serviced offices in Bangalore, you are bound to feel energetic and highly productive. Serviced offices or business centres are typically places that attract independent-thinking, driven and passionate individuals. When you work in an atmosphere where there is so much stress on productivity, it often rubs off on you too. This is an important attribute of the best offices in India. Also, amenities, ample office supplies and adequate staff to take care of the other aspects of running an office contribute to the atmosphere. If you were to make use of the contemporary breakout spaces, the cafes or the co-working spaces at these campuses/offices, you can network with people from varied professions and industries. A conventional office doesn’t offer you too many opportunities to meet people from other fields. In a serviced office, you just pay for services and use them as and when you want to. This offers flexibility and makes your office a happy place to go to!

Go ahead, and explore the best office spaces and campuses in India. May work become fun!

POLL: Which is your favourite office campus/space in India that you have worked in, and what is its USP?


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