Choosing a Backwater Resort is a Good Idea for a Leisure Vacation

It’s vacation time and you just want to get away from the grind of everyday life, far away from honking cars, dusty roads and the rush hour. You certainly must head to one of the backwater resorts in Kerala, where you can blissfully forget all about work and everyday life. A stay in one of the five star resorts in Kerala will help you recharge your batteries and get back to the routine fitter and happier.

Why backwaters?

So, why is one of the backwater resorts in Kerala a good idea, you might ask. First things first, anywhere you go in Kerala is a good vacation destination, but you choose a backwaters destination and you know you are in paradise. Time comes to a standstill and rush hour is the last thing you will think of when you are. You can gaze at the waters, the lagoon, the coconut trees and the clear blue skies endlessly and still not get tired of it all. The backwaters of Kerala are one of the most picture-postcard-perfect destinations in the country, and hundreds of tourists from all over the world land here everyday.

The rhythm and pace of life by the backwaters is different from the city. You can catch the sunrises and sunsets, enjoy the culture and heritage of the region that has evolved over the centuries around the backwaters, explore the sanctuaries and the flora and fauna. You can understand the true meaning of leisure when you are in one of the backwater resorts in Kerala.

A royal stay

Choose one of the five star resorts in Kerala, and you will definitely enjoy a luxurious stay. You are bound to get pampered and how! Choose a hotel that is located along the backwaters of Kumarakom for a comfortable and luxurious stay. You can check out a range of rooms, from a grand total of 72, including cottages, deluxe rooms, and even pool villas whereto conveniences are all state-of-the-art and the decor sophisticated and modern, with elements from the vernacular school of architecture thrown in. All the rooms offer spectacular views of the lagoon and the surroundings.

Enjoying a leisurely holiday also means dining in a fine restaurant at one of the five star resorts in Kerala, and more specifically, Kumarakom. Enjoy Mughlai or local cuisine at the restaurant that offers you views of the lake. You can pick from a range of international delicacies as well at the other restaurant options in the hotel. As the evening sets, head to the bar and savour a fine cocktail. If this is not leisure, then what is!

Wait, did we tell you about the spa? You can’t come to Kerala and go away without experiencing a rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapy or massage at the spa. Opt for an ‘abhyangam’, which is a full-body massage using herbed oils which revitalise your body and soul! There are other oriental and Western therapies available as well at the spa, so you can choose what you’d want most.

five star resorts in Kerala

Want some more leisure? How about a nice swim session or lounging by the world-class pool on offer? If or when you actually want to stir out of the hotel, you can enjoy the sights of Kumarakom, the bird sanctuary, Pathiramanal, an island nearby or just take a cruise along the Vembanad Lake, which is the biggest lake in Kerala. A leisure vacation like none other, did you say? So, what are you waiting for? Head to one of the best five star resorts in Kerala for your vacation, and enjoy!

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