Zoya Launches Style Digest Video Series in Association with Rhea Kapoor

You are a Zoya woman, an epitome of style and substance. Zoya, the best of all luxury diamond jewellery brands, has launched a Style Digest Video Series, just for you. Renowned stylist Rhea Kapoor will offer versatile style tips that will help you wear Zoya’s elegantly designed jewellery with aplomb. Wondering how to choose the perfect look for your evening party jewellery? Just pay attention to Rhea — she has tips for all kinds of looks, from the red carpet style to resort chic.

Rhea Kapoor calls these special looks for special women. Women who wear Zoya. There are enough and more choices when it comes to diamond jewellery, and if you pick one of the best luxury diamond jewellery brands such as Zoya, you have themes and collections to choose from as well. There are themes inspired by cities, civilisations, royal heritage, Nature, and a wide variety of art forms. You have Zoya jewels designed in the vibrant style of Espana, with flamencos and Spanish roses for inspiration, and you have Zoya jewels designed in the finest traditions of Awadh or Rajputana. But how do you go about styling your look for a special day? That’s where #RheaforZoya comes into the picture.

Here are some special insights from Rhea Kapoor from the first two episodes of style digest video series:

Red carpet dressing: According to Rhea, red carpet dressing is not exactly only for those who visit red carpet events on a daily basis, but still want to achieve the special look. It is perfect for the Zoya woman. A woman who does not live her life frivolously but has an intent with everything she does.

Rhea recommends: Statement earrings. A beautiful organza gown in a nude, subtle pink colour, for instance. Dangling long earrings would make the perfect evening party jewellery. The best way to go is classic and timeless when it comes to special occasions or milestones in your life.

Sit-down dinner: If you have a sit-down dinner followed by a party, what evening party jewellery would you wear? A sit-down dinner lends itself to a formal occasion, but it’s not a corporate event. There is an elegance about it. A touch of Indo-Western fusion vibe. Zoya has enough choices to achieve this look.

Rhea recommends: A feather brooch made of white and champagne diamond pinned on to an elegant kurta with a modern take. This would lend a feminine and elegant touch. If you can’t make up your mind on how to accessorise, use cocktail rings and stack them up. Then, pick square-shaped jail diamond bangles that lend a certain edge to your style and look.

The best aspect of Zoya jewellery is that it allows a woman to interpret it, wear and own it in her way. It is a reflection of every woman’s personal style statement. According to Rhea, Zoya is one of the luxury diamond jewellery brands whose philosophy fits in with the modern-day woman’s need to be powerful, confident and eclectic.

We know you are riveted now and can’t wait for the next episode of Style Digest with Rhea!

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