Travelling in Style: How to Travel with Jewellery

Travelling to attend a party or a friend’s wedding and need to carry your jewellery along? Well, it is a familiar scenario for most women, but the trouble is how to ensure that your jewellery is in good shape and safe. Worry not, you can follow some tips to safeguard them. Go ahead and shop at peace for your favourite pieces at one of the diamond jewellery shops in India. When you visit one of the jewellery stores in India to pick up your favourite pieces, ask the store for tips and suggestions as well, as they are often the best ones to help you out!

  • One of the first decisions to make is what to carry along and what not to. Choose some neutral pieces of jewellery that can go with most of your dresses. However, you don’t have to make it boring. A pair of large earrings or a brilliant neckpiece can make any dull dress look wonderful.
  • Planning what clothes you’ll carry will help you plan what jewellery to carry. Not all colours or kinds of dresses suit all jewellery pieces, so choose well. A richly brocaded dress or sari with lots of colour may require muted jewellery, but a stark simple gown could do well with a nice statement necklace. If it’s an Indian wedding, you could do well to pick up Kundan or polki jewellery from one of the jewellery stores in India, so pay some thought to what clothes you will be wearing for a certain occasion. There are neutral pieces like diamond ear studs or a simple bracelet that can go with most clothes.
  • You don’t have a nice statement necklace or diamond studs? Head to one of the many diamond jewellery shops in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Cuttack & Indore in India, and pick one ahead of your travel.
  • If you travel regularly, you should opt for a jewellery travel bag/organiser. There are some easy DIY tips as well. You wouldn’t want to get your chains all tangled, so a simple method is to use a straw and put the chain through it and shut the clasp.
  • Tiny earrings can be dangled onto buttons which can then be placed in a ziplock cover.
  • You can also use a pill/mints box to store small pieces of jewellery like ear studs.
  • Carry a soft cloth or microfiber to clean your jewellery.
  • Safety is an important aspect while carrying jewellery. Ensure that you photograph the pieces you plan to carry so that you can use it in case you have lost your valuables to file complaints.
  • Also, if you are carrying valuable pieces, it makes sense to get your diamond jewellery insured. You can ask one of the diamond jewellery shops in India where you picked up the items for details on insurance.
  • It’s a better idea to carry your jewellery in your carry-on baggage rather than checked-on luggage.
  • If you stay in a hotel, use the electronic safe provided rather than you luggage boxes to store your jewellery.
  • It’s best to keep a low profile in airports or while travelling in a new country or city so your jewellery is safe. Don’t wear all of the bling and make yourself vulnerable. Pack smart and stay safe.

POLL: Do you travel with jewellery often? What is your one tip to ensure your jewellery is safe from loss or damage while travelling?

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