Things to Consider when Leasing Commercial Office Space

If you are setting up a new business or expanding to a new city, you are certainly weighing your options between leasing conventional commercial office space or opting for a serviced office space. Headquartered in Mumbai, and expanding to a city like Pune or vice-versa? Worry not, there is no shortage of office space in Pune or serviced office space in Mumbai, for that matter. Here are things you would want to consider when you rent office space:


When you rent office space in Mumbai, you’d want to choose an office which is located in a place that is easily accessible to your associates and clients. One such location is the Bandra-Kurla Complex or BKC, which is known as Mumbai’s financial hub, with cutting edge offices and spaces to network. Location is also a matter of pride so choose an office space that has a prestigious address, whether in Mumbai or Pune.

Workstations and office infrastructure

If you are expanding or setting up a new office, you would want to opt for a serviced office space in Pune or Mumbai that comes with all the infrastructure needed, including workstations, telephone lines, WiFi connections, etc. This will save time and resources for an entrepreneur who can then focus attention on the core aspect of business.

Meeting rooms, video conferencing rooms

When you look at a traditional office space, you would need to look for designers, tech support etc to help you with meeting rooms or video conferencing centres. What if they were made available to you when you choose the office space in Pune? Opt for serviced offices, and they come equipped with conference centres and meeting spaces. You don’t have to spend money, time or infrastructure on any of this.

Other add-on facilities

You can opt for secretarial support, receptionist help, a cafe and breakout area, business concierge and IT support services when you opt for serviced office space in Mumbai or Pune. You don’t have to spend time or money setting up any of this.

When you are considering leasing commercial office space, an important aspect you would need to look at is peace of mind. Would you rather handle everything on your own, from hiring staff to buying office supplies and ending up with no time to handle the core aspect of your business? Or, would you leave it to the experts so you can focus on your projects, assignments and orders? If you want peace of mind above all else, you certainly must choose a serviced office space, as everything is taken care of.

The other aspect to consider when you are looking to lease commercial office space is the budget. When you opt for a serviced office package, you can opt only for the facilities needed as and when you want them. The rental package is flexible, unlike a conventional scenario where you pay rent whether or not you use all of the services.

Keep these factors in mind when you decide what suits you best — a conventional office space or a serviced office.

POLL: What kind of office space would you choose for your business: traditional or serviced, and why?


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