How Beneficial is it to Rent a Furnished Office?

Bangalore is India’s Silicon Valley, the hub of everything related to IT and ITeS. Today, it is also called the start-up city, a city of young entrepreneurs. There is a lot of buzz and activity in the city, and proportionately, there is an increase in coworking space Bangalore has on offer. Such spaces are all the rage, and with good reason. If you are an entrepreneur, an independent artist, singer, freelancer or a remote worker looking for office space in Bangalore, you should consider them.

Often, independent workers, consultants or start-up professionals are in a dilemma over the question of renting an office or just opting for a coworking space Bangalore has. The latter is a furnished office, and comes fully equipped with all the infrastructure required for a productive day at work.

Conventional workspaces need a lot of work

When you rent a traditional workspace, there is absolutely no flexibility. You would need to sign a rental agreement for a certain period and pay up whether you use the office space regularly or not. Then, there is added hassle of getting the office furnished, decorated, equipped with electronic equipment and ensuring there are enough office supplies. A traditional workspace would also mean investing in personnel for a range of tasks, receptionists, secretaries, housekeeping etc. All these are bound to make a dent in your overhead costs because you may not even need these facilities at such a large scale.

Benefits of a fully furnished office space

On the other hand, if you were to look for a coworking space Bangalore has plenty of, you wouldn’t have to worry about furnishing the office, because such spaces come with excellent decor, equipment and furniture. There are lounges, breakout areas etc and the entire space is decorated with productivity in mind. You can rent such a furnished office space or serviced office in Bangalore as and when a new project comes up or you need to work out of home. You can pay only for the services you use and the time you use these services. There is another benefit of renting a coworking space Bangalore offers. You get to socialise and network with like-minded professionals. When you are a work-from-home professional, there is often not enough interaction with people. In an office space in Bangalore that offers coworking options, you can meet people of different fields; collaborating with them would lead to something special!

You don’t have setting-up office-related costs, and what’s more, you can opt for certain packages such as meeting room or video conferencing as and when you need them. You get complimentary internet access in a coworking space, and also on-demand secretarial service. When you have a meeting, all you need to do is pay up for that particular service, and someone else will set up the whole infrastructure required, and you can go ahead with your presentation without constantly worrying about the operational details.

In that sense, opting for an office space which is fully equipped and well-furnished is the best choice for you, so go for it!

POLL: Would you opt for a traditional workspace or a coworking space, and why?



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