How to Match Your Earrings with Your Hairstyle

Earrings are a woman’s dear friend! All women love their earrings, be it the small studs which are desired because they’re compact a well as the larger more ornate earrings, which take some effort pulling off, literally even!

However, earrings cannot just be worn at random. You need to co-ordinate your earrings with your hairstyle, as, when a person sees you for the first time, he/she looks at your face first! This is where disasters should be averted, like wearing a large pair of earrings if you have a small face or short hair.

Styling yourself in a particular way is recommended. You can mix and match to create the perfect look, according to what you want. Your earrings as well as your hair is determined by your face shape and face length. Earrings are available in various forms, and below is a list compiling those earrings and combining them with hairstyles we think they’ll go great with.

# If you have short hair, it is best to get earrings that dangle, as they will frame your facial features in a way your hair does not. Dangling earrings elongate the face, while drawing the eyes of an observer upwards and towards your face. There are many styles of dangling earrings, so you’ll always be spoilt for choice.

Earrings for Short hair style

# Earrings for long wavy hair, worn open should be short and compact. For long hair, long dangling earrings are obviously not the best choice, because of the tangling that could occur, that would be very painful and inconvenient.

Earrings for Long hair style

# Ponytails, upto’s and braid’s will be complemented with tear drop earrings, and pretty much anything that won’t get caught up in the hair.

Earrings for Ponytail hair style

# Those who tie buns will love sophisticated earrings, since buns look classy. Dedicate drop down earrings in this case are the way to go.

Earrings for BUNS harir style.jpg

When it comes to diamond earrings in Delhi, prospective customers are spoilt for choice, due to the plethora of ornaments available. Those who are looking for earring’s jewellers in Mumbai will also almost always have a large range to choose from.

Matching your earrings with your hairstyle is very important, not only for the aesthetics but also to prevent unwanted tangling which could potentially damage your hair.

At the end of the day, style is always an individual’s choice, and some people believe they look the best when they are the most comfortable. You will always find a wide range of earrings that will satisfy your unique requirements. Whether your hairdo is a bun, a pixie cut, or anything else shouldn’t stop you from wearing experimenting with certain other shapes. Because, if it looks good, then why no wear it?

So, let your creativity flow. Choose your favourite hairstyle, to begin with, and then choose your well-deserved set of beautiful earrings.


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