Best Weekend Getaways Near Bangalore

Visiting Bangalore, and not exploring the rest of this beautiful State whenever opportunity strikes, is sad. You must make it a point to go out exploring, because there are many beautiful places near Bangalore that can take your breath away. There are always priorities that need to be addressed and once you’ve taken care of them isn’t it more gratifying to go out and explore?

Visitors in Bangalore will be pleasantly surprised that the city has some very nice destinations that make for amazing weekend trips. The city is vibrant, and full of life. Luxury hotels in Bangalore has numerous restaurants and pubs that buzz with activity when the sun goes down.

Below is a list of places that serve as great weekend getaways near Bangalore.

  1. Hampi:- Recognised as a UNESO World Heritage Site, this beautiful village and temple town is located within the ruins of the erstwhile city of Vijayanagara. Hampi has always been a centre of significance, housing temples and several other breathtaking monuments. It won’t take much trouble getting there. 353 kilometres can be covered by road or by rail, the choice is yours. A tip on reaching Hampi. Explore the city as much as you can by foot, for delightful sights, sounds and experiences await at every mystical corner of this beautiful location.
  2. Gokarna:- A small idyllic town located on the western coast of India, the main temple and deity here is Lord Shiva. What was once originally an unspoiled beach is now a enter of pilgrimage and a nice place to relax. 483 Kilometres away from Bangalore, Gokarna has amazing beaches that have soft waves tickling their shores. A beautiful place to sit and contemplate, clear your mind,then go out and explore.
  3. Nandi Hills:- Situated closer to Bangalore than the above two places, Nandi Hills is barely 60 kms away from the city. Fantastic terrain for trekking and cross country running/cycling is the USP here. The challenging slopes of the hills are a great place to push clean cool air into your lungs as you pedal/run/walk towards your destination.
  4. Coorg:- The beautiful town of Coorg, located 276 kms away from Bangalore offers a beautiful, quiet atmosphere to meditate and ease the conscience. A number of beautiful hills, undulating and carpeted by velvety green flora become instantly visible as soon as you approach this splendid locale. Those who love to trek and spend time being one with nature will love this quiet destination.
  5. Chikmagalur:- A weekend spent here will see you explore a land full of beautiful sloping valleys, frantic streams and rugged hills. Located around 280-290 km away from Bangalore, the quiet town makes for a nice retreat to escape the activity of the city.

No matter where you choose to go, you will have a unique experience, because each of the places has something unique to offer. Getting away from the bright lights in the city is good, for a while. Of course, when you’ve explored and trekked to your hearts content and cleared your mind, you can return to the city and the comfort of your room.

5 Star hotels in Whitefield, Bangalore are popular for both business and leisure travelers. We recommend that you visit at least some of the weekend getaways, when you find the time. Post which you can come back to the hotel, to your work and to life, in general, feeling refreshed and re-energized.


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