Choose Earrings According to Face Shape

Accessorising well is one of the most important aspects of dressing up. When you are choosing an ensemble, you should also make sure you choose the right gold and diamond earrings. By right, we mean you should pick earrings that are in harmony with the shape of your face. By picking and wearing earrings according to the shape of your face, your best features are highlighted. Here are some tips on how to pick the right earrings for your face:

Round: If you have a round face, you would need to make it look less round and slightly elongated to add to the vertical balance. How about a pair of gold diamond earrings that are long? You could pick nice chandelier earrings or long drops. If you can opt for diamond earrings that have long thin lines, or geometric patterns, it will add some angularity to your face.

What to avoid: Don’t wear earrings that are shaped like discs or globes as they add to the roundness.


Square: Has anyone told you that your square-shaped face reminds them of Sandra Bullock? Well, congratulations! But if you are wondering how to make the most of this shape, and highlight your good features with the right earrings, you should know that rounder shaped earrings, hoops or pearly, button-styled earrings would go well with your face.

What to avoid: Don’t wear earrings that are too wide as they will add more width to your face. Also, don’t wear squarish or diamond shaped earrings. The less geometric the patterns are, the better.


Heart: A heart-shaped face? Choose long drops or dangles or chandelier-style gold diamond earrings that stop just above your chin. People with a heart-shaped face have narrow chins, so, focus on widening the mouth region with the help of earrings where the bottom is wide.

What to avoid: Earrings that are wide at the start and then taper off as they reach the chin. They would then accentuate the broad forehead and narrow chin.


Long: Have a long face a la Sarah Jessica Parker? You can opt for studs, shortish drops or earrings that just make your face wider than it is. You can also wear hoops or round earrings that add width to your face.

What to avoid: Long earrings that have strands add more length to your already long face, so they are a no-no. Avoid vertical looking earrings.


If you look carefully, the larger theme to choosing the right earrings for your face is to always avoid earrings that are roughly the same shape as the face. Opt for opposite. Narrow chin? Then you want wide-bottomed earrings. Wide chin? Then you want a narrow/tapering kind of earring. Balancing the vertical and horizontal features lends a certain balance to your face. Also, balancing sharp edges/angular looks with rounded earrings or vice-versa would be useful. Seek the help of a professional at one of the diamond boutiques for suggestions so you invest in just the right pair of gold diamond earrings.

POLL: Do you consider the shape of your face when you pick earrings? Yes or no, and state reasons.


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