List of famous beaches in Goa

Beaches, that’s the one word Goa is all about. Who doesn’t like partying in Goa, and so do you! There are some top-quality luxury beach resorts in Goa you can opt for and spend a vacation that is truly memorable.

Having decided that you are indeed heading to Goa, the next dilemma that poses itself is whether you should consider the beaches of South or North Goa. South Goan beaches are clean, the hotels there are luxury, upmarket ones, while North Goan beaches are more touristy. Having said that, you should indeed consider the list of famous beaches before you take a call on which of the luxury beach resorts in Goa you want to stay in:

South Goan beaches

  • One of the most famous South Goa beaches is Palolem, which is a white sand beach, and about 40 km from Margao, a key Goan city. Palolem is also a nice hub if you like nightlife and par
  • Another South Goa beach is Agonda, which is beautiful and has fewer crowds. It is a beach that you’d love for its tranquility and the fringes of palms. A perfect holiday away from the madding crowds.
  • A beach that you must not miss out on in South Goa is Varca beach, another oasis of calm and quiet. You can enjoy some water sports or just lounge at the beach. The beach is ideal also because it is close to one of the 5 star resorts in Goa. If you want a luxury holiday, then Varca is where you need to be. Varca is one of the cleanest and most well-maintained beaches in all of Goa.
  • If you stay at one of the luxury resorts, you can enjoy great cuisine thanks to the many restaurants and bars in the resort. A relaxing spa therapy or a nice swim session at the pool are handy to make it a dream vacation.

North Goa’s beaches

  • Moving on to North Goa, one of the most famous beaches here is Calangute, known for its restaurants, water sports and shopping opportunities. The beach is one of the famous ones, and therefore, is very crowded with tourists and shacks alike.
  • Miramar is one beach that tourists love to go to for the sunsets. It is also a domestic tourism hub, much like Calangute.
  • Talking about North Goa beaches, one can’t forget Dona Paula, and the interesting love story revolving around it. It also some designer boutiques.
  • Anjuna is also another well-known beach, and it is where the cool parties are known to happen. It still holds sway among trance lovers, and has quite a bohemian feel to it. It also has a nice flea market where you can pick up knick-knacks that Goa is famous for.

No matter where you decide to stay, remember that you are in for a lot of fun while in Goa! So, let your air down and just soak in the spirit of Goa.

POLL: Have you ever been to Goa, and if so, which is the one beach you would love to revisit?

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