Choose Right Necklines for Your Face and Body Type

Before you head out to buy a luxury diamond necklace, you should do your homework. Investing in an expensive piece of jewellery without knowing whether it suits you or not is not exactly the right thing to do. So, how does one choose the right necklines/necklaces that suit your body shape?

Read on for a guide:

The V-neckline: This is ideal for most body types/shapes, irrespective of whether you are plus size or small. However, the V-neckline suits those who have a short neck and broad shoulders. The V neckline offers a vertical harmony to your body, and can make you look taller and slimmer. In term s of the face, the V neck suits those who have a squarish, round or wide jawline, because the V neck makes their face look longer.

  • Necklace: You should opt for a luxury diamond necklace that contrasts the V-neckline. How about a round pendant? Also, make sure the necklace nestles above the V-neckline. If its is below, it has to be really far below the neckline.

Turtle neck: If you have a turtle neckline for a dress, it means you are looking to balance a long face or neck. It suits all lines of body types, but is ideal for women who are small-chested. If you have a squarish shape to your body with a narrow face or shoulders, the turtle neck is ideal.

  • Necklace: If you intend on buying a necklace and are squarish, with a thin face or neck, wear a long necklace, as it takes away attention from your bust. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off a statement necklace, though.

Square neckline: If you are a short-necked narrow-shouldered woman, this kind of neckline helps you make your neck look longer. Also, if you have a great skin tone and complexion too, a square neck is perfect to show off! If you have a round or pear shaped face, a square neckline offsets the roundness.

  • Necklace: You should opt for a luxury diamond necklace that is short and stops just a little below your collar bone. You could opt for a choker or a chunky necklace. If you like a layered chain, you should ensure that the layers are short.

Scoop neckline: The scoop neckline makes your thick or short neck look longer than it is. However, you could make your neckline a short or a long scope. If you are busty, it helps to have a small scoop. If you have an hour-glass figure, this scoop neckline creates a nice balance between the lower and upper body. If you want to look bustier, this neckline will help. In terms of the face, this neckline helps to highlight your full and round face.

  • Necklace: You should wear a luxury diamond necklace that has a long chain or even something that looks the same as the scoop neckline you have for your dress.

Now that you have a fair idea of what kind of neckline to choose for your body shape and face, you should opt for a necklace that suits these attributes as well. You could also seek the advice of experts at the jewellery store.

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