Why Diamond is a Better Investment Than Gold?

Diamond or gold? Is that your dilemma? Just head to a diamond jewellery shop, and put an end to that dilemma, for diamond is indeed a great investment, and better than gold, at that!

Diamond prices have been constantly rising, and that makes it a good investment. Also, gold is subject to the vagaries of the market, and its price is susceptible to these changes. There is comparatively less volatility in the diamond market, and it feels safer to invest in diamonds rather than gold. The changing economy or currency have a lesser impact on a diamond’s value than gold.

Emotional investment

Owning a diamond in any form also seems like a huge investment, not just in terms of your money, but also in terms of your commitment to the other person. You would invest in a piece of diamond jewellery as the biggest symbol of love, affection or respect to the other person. You would therefore head a diamond jewellery shop in Mumbai, for instance, or any other city you are living in and pick up the best diamond ring or necklace for your loved ones. In that sense, if you have to show your greatest love, you ought to say it with diamonds rather than gold.

Diamond demand increases

The demand for diamonds will be on an upsurge in the future, and according to a McKinsey report, growing economies like China and India will drive the demand for diamonds. This means that if you secure a diamond necklace or ring now, your prospect of owning something really expensive will appreciate further in the years to come. Also, many consumers in the emerging economies (newly-moneyed) are more likely to buy branded diamond pieces than old-moneyed people who are more likely to have inherited a diamond. The demand for branded jewellery from one of the luxury diamond boutiques will see an upsurge. Buying diamonds has now become a luxury activity. So, head to a diamond jewellery shop, and buy a piece you have been coveting for a while now. Owning a diamond is more prestigious and classy than owning gold is!

Diamonds are forever

If you invest in a rare and premium grade diamond, it is bound to be your best pal! Diamonds are also less susceptible to damages than gold. A diamond is really durable, and not for nothing do they say, “diamonds are forever”!

Yet another aspect about investing in jewellery is liquidity. Liquidity is hardly an issue when it comes to investing in diamonds, and you can get back a good per cent of the diamond price, when you resell it.

Diamonds are graded on the basis of many attributes, including carat, cut, colour and clarity. The more the diamond matches all these attributes, the greater its value to the buyer. Head to a diamond jewellery shop in Delhi or Mumbai and pick a diamond set of great value. A diamond is an asset for a lifetime, so make an informed choice when you pick one.

POLL: Would you prefer a diamond to gold or vice-versa, and why?


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