Best Business Centres for Start-up Business in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the hottest destinations in the country if you are planning on a start-up business. You can pick one of the Bangalore serviced offices to start your business — it really is a breeze. Pay for the services and just hit the ‘play’ button!

Getting the location of your start-up is among the most important aspects, and having chosen Bangalore over other cities, you have indeed done the right thing as it has recently won the tag of being the most dynamic city in the world. The next think to do after choosing the city is looking at workplace options. Now, you have two options: to look for a traditional workplace or a serviced office. Read on to find out why one of the Bangalore serviced offices is the best option for you.

Traditional workspaces vs serviced offices

  • Setting up a traditional office space would mean spending a lot of time scouting for the ideal of Having found one, you would have to spend money and energy setting it up.
  • When you are a start-up rearing to go, you would rather spend the time and energy on the core aspect of your business than on getting the operational aspects going. You would need to spend your physical and mental energies on ensuring that your start-up is a success; in a traditional office, you will have to look at everything from housekeeping and office refreshments to hiring staff and IT services.
  • On the other hand, when you choose one of the serviced offices or business centers in Bangalore, you just have to pay a certain fee for a set of services and move into the serviced space any time you want.
  • You don’t have the hassle of setting up office infrastructure and workstations. You can opt for any number of workstations, depending on the numbers in your team. You don’t have to hire housekeeping or front office operations. You get a dedicated phone line, IT services, admin and secretarial service, well-furnished suites, reception service, cafes, lounges for business meetings, and breakout areas among others. You can also opt for a meeting room or a boardroom as and when you require those options.
  • The flexibility that serviced offices offer are unparalleled. Also, serviced offices are typically located in areas that are in the CBD, and are easily accessible to clients, partners or associates.

A great address makes a great impression

A prestigious address is very important as it makes a good impression on your clients. Bangalore serviced offices, for instance, have location options such as Vittal Mallya Road (UB City), which is a plush central business district address. One more address to locate your start-up could be the Prestige Khoday Tower, located on Raj Bhavan Road, again in the CBD. Hebbal Outer Ring Road (Manyata Tech Park) in North Bangalore is yet another premium address for a serviced office, thanks to the presence of a large number of huge firms and amenities in the tech park. It makes networking and growing your business that much more easy!

Now that you know where to look for serviced offices in Bangalore, it is time to opt for one of the serviced spaces and get your startup going!

POLL: Do you prefer serviced offices to traditional workspaces or vice-versa, and why?



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