Inspirational Jewellery is Gaining Popularity Today

Jewellery will always play a very important role in the life of an Indian woman. Apart from the obvious benefit of adding to the beauty of the face or body, jewellery is also a mark of tradition and a symbol of culture. Today, jewellery is considered as just a showpiece designed to enhance the beauty of men and women but it actually has more meaning than that.

Jewellery that reflects the wearers traditions, culture or beliefs has a special value and meaning attached to it. Since ancient times, men and women have crafted jewellery in certain symbols that were considered to be totems for protection or even prosperity. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore jewellery crafted with geometric designs to display the creative power of the universe. Their jewellery were stories of the sacred nature of everything around them. The Egyptians too wore jewellery that carried deep inner-meaning and significance. For example, the popular image of the Ibis bird that is especially seen in their jewellery was thought to bring wisdom and protection to the bearer. The Yin and Yang symbol of the Chinese has also been used in jewellery to signify the universal balance and harmony.

Even today, people like to visually represent their beliefs or traditions through tattoos and jewellery. Jewellery, especially can be worn as an expression of one’s unique inspirations, beliefs and traditions. There are a variety of designers today offering jewellery that is not just designed to enhance beauty but also mean something special. This is now popularly termed as inspirational jewellery.

You can find many jewellery stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad those offer inspired jewellery.

Here are a few examples of popular sources of inspiration for jewellery :

  • Culture and Tradition

 In India especially, with a wide variety of religions, beliefs and cultures, jewellery can be equally diverse. Each culture has their own traditional pieces of jewellery that is handed down through the generations. There are a lot of emotions associated with these particular traditional jewellery pieces like pride, belonging and identification. Ancient and modern cultures have their own ways of standing out with their unique styler of dressing or their unique traditional jewellery designs.
Religious Beliefs

 Religion and faith has always found expression through various means. And jewellery, throughout the ages has been used to symbolise religious beliefs and traditions. The Egyptians, for example wear the eye of Horus, the God of wisdom and protection believing it brings them wisdom and protection from evil. The same holds true for the incredible number of gods and goddesses in Indian religious beliefs. The Chakra of Vishnu or the Rudra beads of Shiva have always inspired jewellery designs through the decades. These kind of designs have become quire popular today.
  • Inspirational Characters or People 

Another way to pay tribute to your hero or the person who has most inspired you is to wear jewellery that symbolises them. People love to wear the symbols of their favourite bands or even fictional characters. This kind of jewellery will set you apart and add more meaning to the jewellery you wear. There are jewellery stores in Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities that offer custom made fan art. Jewellery that has been inspired by fictional and mythological characters is a current craze that has caught the fancy of the youth.

So, inspiration is another way to make your jewellery more meaningful and personalised for yourself. If you have a close friend who has a particular interest in Greek or even Egyptian inspired jewellery, they could make for great gifts as well. Go ahead and gift yourself or a loved one a jewellery that not only adds to their beauty but also inspires!



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