Tips To Effectively Manage A Remote Workforce

With new advancements in technology, the way most organisations work has come a long way. In fact, a report published by Huffington Post suggests that nearly 63 million workers have conducted some form of telecommunication in 2016. Moreover, companies like AMEX and Aetna report savings of $10-75 million due to remote workforce (Huffington Post, 2016).

Not only has the shift of working in four walls to working in no walls helped businesses save money, it also helps increase productivity in employees as they are working according their convenience. But, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration if you are planning to manage a remote workforce. Hence, here are three tips that you should follow for an effective remote workforce:


If you are managing a remote workforce, it is of utmost important that you be a proactive communicator. This includes investing in technology like Skype and Zoom, that lets you connect with your employees easily. Moreover, there are many business centers that come with such technology, thus reducing cost and time required for set up. For example, by choosing a business center in Gurgaon, you can easily communicate with your employees all over the world!

Internal Bonding

Most companies require internal workers to work together. While in a traditional workplace internal bonding is easily achieved, for a remote workplace you might have to adopt certain measures to encourage bonding. By investing in Slack, Basecamp and other ‘fun’ chat rooms, you can ensure that your employees have a common platform to interact with each other. In addition, you can schedule certain breaks during your virtual meetings, where employees can discuss non-work related topics.

Clear Expectations

Even though managing a remote workforce has its benefits, it also means that your employees are going to have more freedom than at a traditional workplace. Hence, it is very important for you to set clear expectations for your employees, that they need to live up to. Each team member should know what exactly is expected of them in the coming week, which tasks they have to handle, whom to go to if they have issues, etc.

Track Progress

Just setting your expectations isn’t enough. You need to regularly track the progress of every job assigned to every team member. By using applications like Trello, you can easily automate a large portion of the process, leaving you with time to complete more important tasks. Moreover, not only does this serve as an invaluable archive of all the tasks completed, it is also a great way to vie employees a sense of public recognition.

Having a remote workforce gives you the opportunity to work with the best of employees from around the world. For example, by simply working from a business center in Gurgaon, you can work with the best of talent in USA. However, for the best results, it is important to create certain rules that aren’t necessary for a traditional office. After all, sales go up and down, but the value of a good employee stays forever!


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