Three Luxury Cars That Make for a Perfect Road Trip

Planning on setting out on a road trip with your family or loved ones any time soon? A road trip can make for an adventurous and fun vacation with a lot of spontaneity and adventure involved. A road trip lets you stay in control of your vacation and takes away the stress of booking flights and advance planning.

Another major advantage of a road trip is that it ensures that your journey to your holiday destination is as momentous as your holiday itself. There’s nothing like travelling through changing landscapes listening to your favourite music and being surrounded with your favourite people!

But there is one important pre-requisite for a good road trip, and that’s your car. A road trip could become a nightmare if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or guzzles fuel. Its imperative that a car that gives you comfort, safety and speed is the best suited for a road trip.

Here’s a list of four luxury cars that are ideal for that perfect long-distance drive:

Mercedes-Benz: The Mercedes-Benz brand has been a global favourite for a long time now. For instance, the S-Class range has the most luxurious models that promise stunning performance and looks. With the capacity to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds, this car will make for the best of road trips. With spacious and luxurious interiors, it’s not only a pleasure to drive this smooth running car but also to be a passenger in it. With high technology additions, the car has a lot more to offer than just comfort and speed.
Don’t worry if you cannot afford a brand new model right now as the S-Class range models are in the high price range. With many showrooms offering good deals for a used Mercedes-Benz in Bangalore, Delhi and other cities, you could still own a Mercedes-Benz. A used luxury car could even give you better mileage  than a brand new car.

The Bentley Continental:  A car collector’s dream, the Bentley range of luxury cars are second on this list. The preferred car by celebrities, royals etc, this luxury car comes completely loaded with features and great style. With a powerful engine of more than 5.0 lts, the Bentley can handle all sorts of roads with ease. It gives you an incredibly smooth ride with hardly any noise.
The additional acoustic cover to the roof ensures that noise is minimalist and the quality of your music is even better.
With a Bentley, both passengers, as well the driver, is guaranteed an experience of perfect ease, comfort and luxury.

The Jaguar XJ: This stylish car from Jaguar is one the bestselling model of this popular brand. With a stylish streamlined design and luxurious interiors, this car is made for those who love luxury. It’s low driving seating position and it’s high-end infotainment system gives you a race car feel. The car also boasts of a maximum speed of 174 mph and an amazing acceleration rate of 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds!
If speed and style are your pre-requisites for your car, then the Jaguar XJ certainly fits your bill.

While this list is not exhaustive, the above three cars are surely the best options to own. So go ahead, and plan a road trip. But first, get the perfect car for the perfect riding and driving experience. Explore uncharted territories, make spontaneous detours along the way and make the best of your travel by having a reliable, luxurious car to take you places.


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