3 Tricks To Living A Luxury Life With A Not So Luxurious Budget In Bangalore

The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore has been declared the third most expensive city of India. Known for its technology hub, Bangalore is also called the Garden City for its beautiful gardens and parks. But, other than natural beauty, it was also ranked as a ‘Beta World City’ and is often included on a list of top global cities (World Property Journal).

While living in Bangalore is definitely an experience that everyone must have, not everyone can afford a living in this giant of a city. Hence, here are some ways to live a luxurious life with a not so luxurious budget in Bangalore:

Holiday Smart: While everyone is heading to Goa for the holidays, you can enjoy an equally relaxing and beautiful vacation for less by choosing a destination that isn’t quite so popular. For example, Gokarna makes a wonderful change from Goa’s fast paced, crowded beaches, and in turn, offers plenty of sun and sandy beaches at a more affordable cost.

Shop Smart: You can enjoy the finer things in life for less by learning how to be a savvy shopper. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. can help you score great deals on high-end brands like GUCCI, Pepe and others. Moreover, to enjoy upscale restaurants, you can make use of apps like Zomato, Food Panda, Swiggy, etc. as they provide offers that are hard to resist!

Drive Smart: Buying a car is always a big deal and mostly a lot of thought and consideration goes into making this decision. While a car is usually bought for convenience, having a car that makes heads turn, doesn’t hurt. Hence, if you want to splurge a little and get a set of wheels that get you noticed, consider buying a gently used, preowned vehicle. Like this way, you can afford to buy a luxury car like a used Mercedes Benz in Bangalore at nearly half the price.

Live Smart: Consider moving to an area that requires a lower-cost of living. In this way, you can get a bigger and better-equipped house for almost the same price. That being said, bigger isn’t always better. You should always keep in mind that the home you buy focuses more on your needs, rather than buying a house bigger than you can handle. For instance, you may find that you prefer a modern and technologically-updated two bedroom condo compared to a four-bedroom house that you have to maintain yourself. The key is to buy a home that suits your need, not a house that the society says you should have.

Living on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean living a boring, bland life. By living a smart life, you can easily live a luxurious life while staying within your budget!


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