How to Get the Best Hotel Deals at the Last Minute

So, you have decided on a spur of the moment holiday and are looking at Goa resort offers to see if there are any last minute deals? That’s the case when we don’t book in advance, but the hospitality industry is a step ahead of us, and gives us the option of getting the best hotel deals even at the very last minute. Wondering how to pull it off? Here are some suggestions:

  • First, decide on the best hotel you want to stay in, during your visit to Goa. If you wish to stay in South Goa, and more specifically on one of the hotels on Varca beach, you must see of they have any special offers to book at the very end.
  • One of the hotels on Varca’s beach offers a ‘last minute deal’ wherein you can be book anywhere between 0 and 9 days in advance of your stay and get to enjoy a 15 per cent off on your room. This is an advantage because even though you have made up your mind at the very end, you still get to enjoy a discount. Keep your eye out for such deals that many high-end luxury hotels have on offer, especially during the holiday season, and in top tourist destinations.
  • Last-minute bookings and travel space in India picking up now, thanks to the mushrooming of a lot of apps and online booking sites. The reason why last-minute deals are catching on is because of the presence of a large number of young travellers with disposable incomes, who are also not afraid to be spontaneous and take last-minute decisions. In fact, this attitude is catching on among all kinds of age groups. There are middle-aged successful professionals who have the money and the will to travel, and there are also retired population that is willing to travel, and therefore want to check out hotel offers and deals, be it Goa resort offers or hotel deals in other destinations. Last minute hotel deals are a reflection of how our society, lifestyles and aspirations are changing.
  • In fact, whether you are looking at Goa resort offers or Bangalore hotel deals, it is actually an advantage to keep your holiday plans flexible till the end. By not booking way too in advance, you may actually be able to choose a place that can still accommodate vacationers at lower prices. You may want to head to Bangalore, but there could be a wonderful deal in Goa, so you would like to grab the offer at the end. Sometimes, there could be last-minute cancellations leaving space for you as a vacationer to book your deal.

Getting a good hotel deal would be all about keeping an open mind, staying flexible, checking out online or apps for bookings and lapping up the special offers available. Be assured of a great holiday at a hotel that rewards you for deciding to go there at the last minute!

POLL: Do you plan your holiday well in advance or keep it flexible till the end?


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