Diamond Ring Buying Guide

Looking to shop for one of the best diamond rings in Delhi for a special occasion? Delhi is home to one of the most reputed diamond boutiques so you don’t have to worry too much about choices and options. Here’s a diamond ring buying guide you will appreciate before you set out shopping:

Brush up on your four Cs

  • Whether you want a Valentine’s Day ring or an engagement ring, step one of buying a diamond ring is to acquaint yourself with the four Cs: clarity, carat, cut and colour. These are the four aspects that tell you the true worth of one of the diamond rings in Delhi stores you are about to buy.
  • Ask the store for a certificate issued by one of the internationally reputed labs and you will know the cut of the diamond. The cut is not about the shape but about the symmetry and proportions of the diamond, and how much light it can emit and how brilliant the diamond is. Choose the best. Typically, the cut is graded as poor/fair, good, very good, ideal or super ideal. But synonyms of the same could be used, depending on the lab issuing the certificate.
  • You would need to choose the colour, which is graded on a scale of D to Z, with D being the best and colourless. As the scale lowers, diamonds get a yellowish/brownish tinge.
  • Clarity is the absence of flaws or specks, and the best diamonds have FL or flawless clarity. It then slides down to internally flawless (IF), minor inclusions (VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2), inclusions that can be seen at 10x called noticeable ones (Sl 1, Sl 2) and the obvious inclusion diamonds (I1, I2 and I3).
  • Carat refers to the diamond’s weight. The greater the carats, the more expensive one of the diamond rings in Delhi you pick.

Pay attention to the designs and patterns

Having chosen the quality of the diamonds, it is now time to pick the patterns and designs. If you visit one of the bigger boutiques in Delhi, you can find a range of themes in which the diamond rings are available. Take your pick, depending on the recipient’s taste. The rings are designed in the traditions of Rajputana, Awadh, Egypt, Jewels of the Crown etc. You can choose patterns based on natural motifs including celestial bodies and space! There are some diamond rings that look like they have been inspired by the fine lace tradition or Spanish themes. So, you can pick a wonderful diamond ring designed like a Spanish rose, layered with diamonds and glittering rubies.

Check out all the options before picking one of the diamond rings in Delhi. Buying a diamond ring for your significant other, either for your engagement or a special anniversary is indeed special, so take your time. Some high-end stores have specially appointed designers and diamond experts who will help you with bespoke diamond rings for any occasion.

Never lose sight of what the recipient’s personal style statement is, the kind of clothes she wears on special occasions and everyday, apart from the manner in which uses all her accessories. Do your homework, and go all out to floor your partner!

POLL: Have you ever shopped for a diamond ring, and what is the most important factor for you when you go about choosing one?


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