Pune Turning into a Hub for Start-ups

Pune has slowly evolved into a start-up hub of the country. If you are looking for virtual office space for rent in Pune, you are not the only one. There are many young professionals who seek virtual space services in Pune, thanks to the city’s reputation as a start-up hub.

Some of the reasons that have aided Pune’s rise as a tech and start-up hub are:

  • Pune is close to the financial hub and commercial nerve centre of the country, Mumbai. Its proximity to the financial capital makes it easy for start-ups and businesses to progress and get much-needed funding support from investors.
  • Pune also has a rich talent pool, thanks to its being an education hub.
  • Pune is also a biotech, IT and auto hub, and will reap the benefits of the presence of these industries and companies.

Because the city has a thriving community of start-up and tech enthusiasts, it reflects in its need for virtual and serviced offices. If you are a start-up or a small business and want to opt for a virtual office space for rent in Pune you are thinking right. There are many advantages of opting for virtual space services in Pune. Some of them are as follow:

  • Virtual office services offer the best address in town; the address provided is typically located in the CBD area. If you are a small business working out of home or an independent start-up professional, you will appreciate the fact that you now have an official address that is also a prestigious one, for any official communication. The address can be used on all your marketing material and your business cards.
  • A separate phone line and receptionist services to handle calls. Call forwarding facility is also available.
  • Secretarial and administrative support: This could be in the form of handling your finances, mails etc so you can focus on the core area of your business. This is a huge advantage when it comes to opting for a virtual office space for rent in Pune.
  • Access to business lounge and work stations. Co-working spaces help start-ups and young professionals to network with people from other professions. A meeting room is also available for start-ups and businesses to hold events and seminars. Meeting rooms are provided with LCD projectors, and audio/video equipment. Beverages, water etc are all provided for you and your guests.
  • Video conferencing facilities and business centre amenities such as scanners and printers are useful for any start-up professional.

Pune has slowly been evolving to provide an ecosystem that encourages start-ups, and it is no wonder then that the city with its vast pool of talent, ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship, is on its own way to the top of the start-up scene. It is being touted as the next big start-up destination as we step into 2017. In such a scenario, the demand for virtual office space providers is only going to increase. An increasing number of start-ups have taken to serviced and virtual spaces because of the flexibility, savings in time and resources etc. If you are still considering a shift to virtual from traditional brick-and-mortar workspaces, and happen to be in Pune, the time is now!

POLL: Do you prefer a virtual office to a traditional one or vice-versa, and why?



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