Difference Between Diamond and Uncut Diamond

All set for diamond shopping? Eyeing that wonderful uncut diamond necklace India jewellery stores have in plenty? Before that, you would need to understand the different kinds of diamonds, their attributes, and the essential difference between diamonds and uncut diamonds. Here is a rough guide on the differences between the two types of diamonds:

  • Uncut diamonds are also known as polki diamonds and are natural. They have not been treated by a jeweller. Uncut diamonds would also mean that the diamonds don’t have facets or geometric angles or faces. They have not been polished by jewellers either. Polki or uncut diamonds are very popular and are used a lot in north Indian bridal trousseau.
  • Cut diamonds sparkle intensely simply because every cut and facet enhances the diamond’s ability to emit light. Cut is not exactly the shape of the diamond but more about the symmetry, proportion and the polish of the stone. An uncut diamond does not have the same sparkle or brilliance of a cut diamond.
  • An diamond jewellery boutiques sell could be priced lower than a cut dia This is the one reason why rough aka uncut diamonds are so popular and easily available. Jewellery designers and craftsmen use uncut diamonds to design exquisite pieces of ornaments just the same way they use cut diamonds.
  • It is the cutting and polishing of a raw diamond that fetches it its value. Faceting is yet another important aspect of diamond processing because the facets play a major role in determining exactly how much light in the stone is reflected. Asymmetrical facets lead to poor or low-quality cuts, and the diamond may not shine as much. However, there are certain cuts that are not designed to make the diamond shine as much as the others. Polishing is also another important aspect of diamond cutting. Tools are used to ensure that the diamond’s surface is smooth so as to ensure entry of light. Since all these aspects are missing in uncut diamonds, they are priced lower.

Uncut diamond buying tips

If you don’t have the budget for a brilliantly cut diamond jewellery set, you can opt for uncut jewellery which is equally exquisite, thanks to the creativity of artisans. If it is a big fat Indian wedding you are shopping for, or if you are the bride, you must pick up a nice uncut diamond necklace India jewellery stores display among others. The reason is that uncut diamond sets are often dressier than other kinds of jewellery and go very well with ethnic outfits such as ghagras, lehengas or designer saris. Make sure, though, that you wear the right set with the right outfit. Always shop for jewellery before you buy clothes. If you choose to wear your uncut diamond necklace as a statement piece, make it chunky and heavy, and tone down all other pieces of jewellery. Make your earrings, bangles etc simple. If you plan to wear a polki or uncut diamond necklace India jewellery stores have, choose a traditional outfit like a lehenga with thread work or zardozi. Choose well, and dazzle the world!

POLL: Do you prefer polki to cut diamonds or vice-versa, and why?


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