Which Diamond Jewellery Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

If you believe in star signs, you certainly have set your heart on those wonderful luxury diamond earrings that come in the shape of various zodiac signs. What’s more, these earrings look pretty, stylish and have an off-beat touch to them that lends a certain personality to the ones who wear them.

So, if you are a Gemini, you would definitely love to wear luxury diamond earrings shaped like the zodiac sign and studded with diamonds in combination with other stones, maybe rubies, sapphires or emeralds! If you are an Aquarian, you would love a pair of earrings in that shape, and so on. Essentially, there are pieces of jewellery for every star sign, from Aquarius to Sagittarius. Most luxury diamond boutiques offer a range of jewellery in the shape of constellations and zodiac signs; some of them even offer customised jewellery if you consult the experts.

What cut of diamond do you want for your luxury earrings?

Some experts offer different cuts (one of the four Cs, apart from clarity, carat and colour) for different zodiac signs. If you are an Aquarian, the diamond cut that suits you best, according to astrologers, is the ‘heart’ which is all about bringing out the romantic in you. A Piscean, experts say, would do well to buy luxury diamond earrings with the oval cut. If you choose oval as the diamond cut for your earrings, it reflects your personality, that of being an adventurous and free spirit. Are you an Aries woman? How about buying diamonds with a cut reminiscent of the pear, reflecting your personality: someone who is unafraid to speak her mind.

The roundly cut diamond is said to be the one for the Taurean, someone who is particular about quality, while the emerald-cut diamond is for the Gemini woman. The latter is known for her zest, enthusiasm and vivacity. Heard of this cut — the princess cut? This is for those who are truly loving, sensitive and sweet, and who better than Cancerians for the same. Similarly, Leos would love the Marquise cut, while the Asscher cut is perfect for a Virgo. While the Virgo is delicate and pays close attention to detail, the Leo is creative. Wondering about the true-blue Libran woman? Baguette-cut diamond luxury earrings would be just right for her as she is adventurous and brave. A cut called radiant would be reflective of someone who is grounded and a leader, and hence the Scorpio woman. A Sagittarian woman would love the cushion-cut luxury diamond earrings which is said to suit her personality, that of being a dependable woman.

Zodiac-themed jewellery, particularly luxury diamond earrings, charms and necklaces, are all the rage today. They make for great gifts as well not just for their aesthetic quality, but also because you lend a personal touch to your gifts by offering diamond jewellery designed in the shape of a star sign. Make sure that you buy your jewellery from reputed brands and get the certification from a well-known international agency.

POLL: Do you like diamond jewellery in the shape of your zodiac or not, and why?


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