4 Wedding Jewellery Trends in India for 2016-17

Besides Bollywood movies and spicy food, India is known for its over the top weddings. A 2016 study by Business Insider shows that, the wedding industry in India is flourishing with over Rs. 100,000 crore and is growing at 25-30% annually.

With higher degree of personalisations and destination weddings being in-trend, the wedding season, which is between November to March is sure to see some really unique and out-of-the-box wedding themes and ideas. So, for all those bride-to-be’s, here is a compilation of the top 4 wedding jewellery trends in India for 2016-17:

Be A True Princess

Mang Tikkas is a head wear that is very common for an Indian bride. But, this year, it’s worn with a modern twist – Crown style Mang Tikka. This style especially works if you are looking for a bold and classy look. By doing up your hair in a puff or bun, place the ornament on, crown style. Another variation to this style is the on-sided crown Tikka style, which is quite popular as well. After all, it’s your wedding day. You have to look as regal as a princess!

Go Bold

It’s not a cocktail party, it’s a wedding! You have to be dressed from head to toe. And to go bold and dazzle is by opting for elaborate necklace designs, as they look luxurious large. And just one is enough to give you a royal look plus to make sure all eyes are on you!

The Kundan Beauty

Another jewellery that is as grand as your outfit is the Kundan. However, as this jewellery is really heavy and jazzy, you need to make sure it matches your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a lengha with heavy work and embroidery, go for just one set of kundan jewellery. Although if your gown is simple and elegant, you can go for two or three necklaces to give your outfit a glamorous and bridal look. You can easily find beautiful designs for Kundan jewellery at any gold jewellery boutique in India.

Diamonds Are Always A Girl’s Best Friend

No matter how much the trend or fashion changes, a diamond will always be a girl’s best friend. Going by the current trends, you can go for an elaborate diamond neckpiece with matching earrings, especially if your dress has a low neckline. You can also experiment by mix-matching diamonds with other precious stones like pearls. Whatever the look, you can never go wrong with diamonds!

Finding the right wedding jewellery can be a tedious task, with so many options to chose from. But, always remember to pair your jewellery in a way that it matches and compliments your wedding dress. And, no matter whatever style or ornament you choose, carry it with confidence. So, go ahead to the best gold jewellery boutique in India and get ready to be the shine of your wedding!


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